Most Practical Version of Haunted Deck?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pete Pridanonda, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. This is the haunted deck routine that I've created. The original concept was inspired by Jamie Daws; however, I changed the handling so the cards can be mixed right after the selection replacement and also added an extra kicker at the end.
    So far, this is my favorite way of performing the haunted deck. There are no strings, magnets, or electronics, and you can get into and out of this effect anytime with ease. Perfect for strolling or formal close up show. Can be done with ANY deck of cards, new and old. Highly recommended, I'm sure you will enjoy it :)
  2. good trick, good presentation at the end but the beginning was just bad. Work on saying other things than "i'll riffle, and now i'll cut, and now i'll spread then i'll cut again".
    Your spectator has eyes. He can see it. Create a story instead, not some useless explanation.
    But otherwise good performance
  3. I think a mini-sharpie in the card box with the card would be a nice touch and would give the spirit something to write with.

    Also agree with baguette cutting the deck is boring enough as it is...maybe talk about something spirit related, I don't actually have a suggestion though- overall a well done trick, could use some practice on the handling, nothing was flashed/revealed but it is kind of stiff - like you're gripping too tightly on the deck at some points.

    Very cool effect though - I'm PMing you one suggestion that I think would clean up the handling of blank cards as well.
  4. Ok, thank you very much for your advice! I will definitely improve on it :)
  5. Wow, great idea with a mini sharpie, I will definitely use it! Thanks for your suggestion, I will improve on these flaws :)

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