Most reliable way of doubling cards and to keep cards doubled without holding opposite sides

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  1. So, I have dry hands and I live in a dry environment. As such, my cards slide very well against each other. However, this makes it difficult to keep doubled as well. I've tried the following:
    • I've seen magicians simply pinch one side hard enough for the friction to keep it together, but it keeps slipping whenever I do it.
    • When I do aerials with doubles or double-lifts, I try to press the cards together so they stick from either residue oil from hands or push all the air pockets out, but air keeps finding a way back in to separate them again.
    • I've seen magicians put a doubled card on the table and nudge it forward with the cards sticking perfectly together, but whenever I try that, either the top or the bottom moves forward first. Sometimes, even when I hit it just right, the top spins around.
    Could anyone give me a few pointers to keep doubled cards stuck together without having the grip opposite edges or corners? Thanks!
  2. You need to always have 3 points of pressure, this isn't my tip it comes from Expert Card Technique. You aren't pressing hard you are just using two fingers in front with the thumb on the back, the three points help to steady the card. Read through the section on the double lift in Expert Card Technique.
  3. Yup, the cards should not be splitting as long as you are holding them with the 3 point system. The gentlest touch is all that is needed. Of course you will also need to practice to make this look natural. There is a video of Vernon talking about turning cards over as gently as possible. It should look effortless as they are simply pieces of paper. Holding the cards too tightly will make it look forced and may actually end up having a negative effect on the handling of the cards.
  4. "Like a feather"
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  5. Sorry, I'm aware of the 3 points of contact, and I'm fine with most double-lifts. I want to clarify that I'm talking about advanced card handling, at least I think I am. I'm pretty sure, after watching a bunch of people doing fancy cardistry or flashy card tricks, you've seen people have only one point of contact, or even zero, like when it's resting on the table or spinning in the air. I'm referring to that and wanted to hear from others on what they experience as they keep cards doubled.

    Thanks for responding, and sorry for the misunderstanding.

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