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  1. Hello

    I was wondering who you rekon has the most skill with cards. Apart from the obvious differences between the two styles (XCM and Cardistry). Who posses the most skill.

    I personally think Jerry Cestkowski has the most skill, for he does moves probally none of us could possiblly do. The man has written a hole Encyclopedia of card flourishes. He gets my vote hands down. Then I would say DE'VO, then the Buck Twins.

  2. Brad Christian... not.
  3. Seriously, I don't know. James Brown (not the singer...) is however the best magician I've ever seen. Style, magic, misdirection - everything.
  4. Derren Brown hands down. The man does the craziest stuff ever AND he threw away some of the best card work I have ever seen to do the NLP thing. Unreal.
  5. May I ask why do you say de'vo? he did some crazy flourishes, but that doesnt mean that he (or she) is the most skilled cardist... For me Dan and Dave, d+M has AWESOME concepts, and OMG how to forget Andrei :).. Also I'd menction maybe they arent the most skilled right now, but they may will:
    Kevin Ho, Daren, Jonas, Scott and Sean, Dimitri (I think it's him)
  6. I'd like to add Jordan Lapping aswell. Seems to be hell of a nice guy!
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    Jerry, Devo, Dan and Dave, virts, French guys( they seriously need a group name) , me. :)

    Edit: Can't believe I forgot Jonas. and andrei
  8. Brian Tudor has some mad skillz. I don't know if he's the best, but he's certainly close to it.
  9. I'd love to see more stuff from De'vo He's crazy.
  10. We do have a group name, it's Scenacle (even though i don't like it^^)

    thanx a lot for mentionning us, it means alot :)

    imo, the most skilled flourisher is obviously andrei...

  11. I don't think one person is the most skilled...every individual can do certain things that no one else can. You guys are also forgetting to mention a skill demon though....Bone Ho and Ali Al Basri. Those guys are nucking futs.

    -Andrei Jikh
  12. He said skill with cards, not just flourishes, with that being said my vote goes to Jerry Cestkowski, he's been doing his stuff for almost 3 decades and he has a vast knowledge of XCM/flourishes as well as magic and all around card handling, plus he does both XCM and magic, not the magic on here, but manipulative magic/card manipulation that you would've seen guys like the old-school magicians doing. Apart from card manipulation he also does regular card magic. And of course he does XCM and has an extensive knowledge on flourish moves/history and can do them damn well!

  13. I want to say this in the nicest ways, but don't you think Bone Ho is a little egotistical? I mean the guy once called himself a god.
  14. Haha nah, it's just Bone being Bone, he's a good guy. Sometimes we all get carried away and say things we don't really mean.

    -Andrei Jikh
  15. He didn't call him self that. When he made the viper video E put that in there. Bone didn't even know what happened.
  16. I was like, WHAT???... oh, not Bao Hoang but Bone Ho:D
  17. I completely disagree with whoever said Brian Tudor...

    There is no possible way of knowing who is essentially 'the best' because everybody has different styles, although everybody can have a preference
    any of the Virts, Andrei Jikh, Dmitri, Mat, Maxime, and felix/sebastian/tical/anybody from that decknique/justflourish group.
  18. duh

    i would think its brian tudor he is hell fast, a freaking nuts card cheat, and a kick butt magician, not to mention one of the flourishing fathers lol.... others would be bone, dan and dave, daren, and :

    huron low, hell good and freaking fast flourisher creative thinker awesome magician... woooooooo....
  19. I personally don't like Brian Tudor. I haven't seen everyone of his videos, but the ones I did I didn't like. Dude, the candles that are all over the place in his videos just don't cut it, Also it bothers me when he does the Ambitious card in the middle of one of his routines and he does it so fast and flashy that you can't tell what is going on.


  20. These threads always end up with people saying whoever happens to be their favourite. It's impossible to say if De'vo or Jerry is best.

    In the XCM style there's just too much variety to pick one person as being best

    In the Flourishing/Multi Packet 2 handed cuts style i'd say the Bucks have contributed more to it than anybody else. Although this may change when The Virts release a DVD. Daniel Madison is also great but his cuts are not as original.

    Brian Tudor is probably the fastest but not the most skilled, many of his cuts are very similar and are nowhere near as creative as Dan and Dave.

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