Most underrated magician in the present day?

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  1. I was talking to a friend about magicians currently creating and performing. His argument was like many in the over 40 age group was that magicians nowadays got nothing on the guys from previous eras. Anyways the name Dan Hauss got brought up and I realized that Dan because of his shying away from the limelight has made him not as recognizable as some others who do not have as much material available. Lets look at the facts, this guy has twice been a consultant for David Blaine on two television specials he has been the creator of The amazing shrinking finger(worldwide best seller) Flow(mega best seller) Sleeping Queen(best seller) Lit(world wide best seller) Riot (huge hit) Redline and several more. What's insane is that he basically with the exception of shrinking finger did all of those effects in about a years time. What about you guys what are some other magicians that deserve props?

    BTW I hope this thread will be used to build fellow magi up and not tear them down.
  2. I had the privilege of sessioning with Dizzle and the rest of the Blaine crew a few times when I lived on the east coast, and they're all very creative individuals. I admire them more for their actual performance accomplishments rather than their (successful) commercial releases to the magic community. They've all had the opportunity to travel the world performing and sharing magic, and I believe that feat really speaks for itself. In my opinion, a magician's success and reputation shouldn't be built around something as trivial as an individual trick or repertoire, but rather around his experiences of actually doing magic. The performance of magic is the most important aspect of the craft, and those who can hold their own in front of diverse crowds deserve the most respect in my opinion.

    With that said, I believe Dynamo's an absolutely awesome performer based out of the UK. He's unfortunately not very well-known stateside, however I'm sure anyone who's seen his stuff can appreciate how well he's found his individual niche and taken full advantage of it. He's had the privilege of performing for some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and acquired a sponsorship from Adidas for his flavor of close-up magic. He's also one of the youngest performers in the mainstream magic community today. If you want some solid (raw) entertainment, I recommend checking out his MySpace page and watching his videos on DynamoTV. There's some great stuff there.

  3. Yeah I would love to see more of his stuff, it's a shame that he gets that Brittish David Blaine tag because he is a very creative guy.
  4. I will throw in my two cents.

    One of the most talented young magicians ive seen is Miika Pelkonen aka. Ineski.
    Now this guy can mambo. Also a very talented guy is David John Rhodes aka. DICER.

    And i think that Andy Nyman is left to dust when talking about Derrens effects.
    Marc Spelmann is often overlooked by the public.

    I will write more when i wake up tomorrow.

  5. The two that I've always had great respect for both happen to be in association with Papercrane as well. I really enjoy watching them work. Dan Hauss, like you mentioned. His mind is just insane. There's a reason Paul Harris had some association I'm sure. I agree with everything you said about him. The other is Robert Smith. creator of Wounded, Universal Impression, Digital Conviction and others. He's one of the few that I look forward to buying products of, not only for the product itself, but to see him perform. I love his style. So naturally I was excited to see him on True Astonishment when it arrived.

    Just a little sharing.
  6. Dan Hauss is a mastermind, he create insane tricks.

    But there are many guys, but there are some for specific areas.

    Maybe for the levitation area, Yigal Mesika has done great work. Well on close-up
    Gregory wilson has eome great material, some works with pens.
    Richard Sanders has great work to Tagged, identity, interlace.
    Dan and Dave, they have revolutioned the card magic, they have done awesome things for the card-magic.
    And Rober smith new tricks, are insane. Digital convition, using just a cell-phone and cards is wow.

    I love to see Gregory, away that his tricks are awesome, he has a performance style really nice.
    There are many i could name.

  7. I don't see how those guys are underrated...?

    Regardless, I do think Alvo Stockman is quite overlooked. He has his own page on Penguinmagic, and yet - I don't think people give him the credit he deserves. I'm really digging his work right now.

  8. Luke dancy has alot of cool stuff I bought one of his DVDs a couple years ago and I've gotta say the guys got alot of material.
  9. I agree that Andy Nyman is amongst the most underrated and oft forgotten mentalists today. People conveniently leave out the fact that Nyman is responsible for a large portion of Derren's work.
  10. ^^^ and that he was offered Mind Control before Derren.
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    Wow, didn´t know that.

  12. David Williamson.

    Hand down.

    As much a known name as he is amongst magicians, I think any magician who has seen Williamson perform will wonder why he isn't a huge star to laymen. Even if you don't like his style you have to appreciate what he does. The guy is an absolutely riot and creates/performs some of the strong magic I've ever seen. It boggles my mind why he isn't up there with Penn & Teller, Amazing Jonathan, Mac King, etc..
  13. Shut the hell up about Looch and Paul Brooks! Do you want everyone to know about them? Come on...

  14. Thats it, i will edit my post :).

  15. It's just Brook, not Brooks :p both those guys live near me, bloody good they are too (Y)

  16. Okay, all i can say to that is.......Can i move in?
  17. All I can say to that is.... No :p
  18. [​IMG]

    Just teasing ;)

  19. I am a huge fan of Michael Matson and Vanishing Vinny. Both of them are based out of New York and are some of the hardest workers I have ever met.

    Michael Matson and his wife Noel made me enjoy an egg bag routine... yes an egg bag routine.

    Vanishing Vinny has this incredible mix of vaudeville and cabaret that everyone can enjoy. His award winning rhyming rope routine just astounds me every time.

    Neither of these guys have released anything to my knowledge, they just go about their craft day by day.
  20. I think people only think of martin lewis as the guy with the rising sketch pad. His other work goes unoticed.

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