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  1. I know there have been many threads about favorite tricks from TA and other DVDs, but I just wanted to know, is there any effect you guys do almost every time? The best effect you guys know? It does not have to be your favorite, and it does not matter who the creator/inventor is. I just want to know which effects are really famous right now.
  2. Completely Impromptu:
    Biddle Trick, Sloppy Shuffle Triumph, Time Machine, Fat City

    Impromptu when i have the gimmick:
    Nestorizer effects, Laced, Extreme Burn, 5 and 1 Transpo

    Set-up tricks (when i have the time):
    Big Deal, Impossible Sense, Son of a Stunner

    That's mainly my repertiore
  3. Stigmata
    Invisible deck
    biddle trick
    shape shifter
    and more
  4. One of the best impromtu tricks I've ever come across is "Clutch". It is amazingly simple and yet the effect is stunning. I use it to surprise an audience and keep them off balance before I start a hypnosis induction. :)
  5. My favorite impromptu tricks

    Fiber Optics by Richard Sanders
    ACR with card to mouth finisher
    Famous Palm Transpo

    Alpha Deck- People go crazy over the kicker ending Sanders
    Interlace- I use Any Ring also and it is so much easier Sanders
    5 and 1 Transpo- MONEY by Jay Noblezada

    It's hard to really say what is famous, if you asked everybody and everybody responded the top three most listed would be it most likely, but that's about it.

  6. Exactly the same except for shape shifter. I also do my ACR a lot.
  7. My favorite effect I perform when I have my cards is a multiple selection routine devised by a mentor of mine, it just plain kills.

    However, usually when I perform impromptu I don't bust out the cards. I either do Crazy Man's Handcuffs (sometimes with DG's Crosslink) or a coin through eye effect based on iVanish, though a totally different handling. These effects have a very natural, organic feel and never cease to amaze. I have also never left home without a Greed gimmick for about 2 years now.

  8. Invisible Card to Pocket (Advocate)

    Herb Zarrow Cards Across

    Always Cut the Cards

    Shuffling Lesson

    Out of this World
  9. A coin vanish and a card force. Thats all I do most of the time. But when I have more time Ill do some better tricks.

  10. 242 Deal, cannot recall the creator but it was explained in Talk About Tricks with Joshua Jay.

    P.S. Maybe the creator was Joshua Jay though...???
  11. I mostly perform Mentalism and Spoon/Coin Bending effects and some card tricks.
  12. I pickpocket and steal their watch... then sell the stuff to the Yakuza.

    Guy's gotta make a living in these troubling times...
  13. actually alot of gthe time it just happens to be that i feel most comfortable using blueprint. Great trick and gets better reactions than you think. I also use sinful because all you need is a soda out of the fridge and to borrow a coin, how much better will it get. Plus im not a huge gimmick guy cause i hate to carry em around with me...
  14. I almost always do some form of triumph and a mentalism guess-your-card-now-it's-in-your-pocket type of trick. They are both relatively simple and easy to learn, and depending on the spectator, great tricks to perform
  15. Now I use almost only use my own material espically when working with cards. And a lot of it is not based on the idea of picking cards more using them as a reference point and using psychology to influnce their perceptions. Most of it is inspired by three things which are:
    Reverse Gaslut Moment - Luke Jermay
    Thought of card in pocket - Ben Earl
    Tricycle - Chad Nelson

    If I am to get spectator's to select cards I usally use something like Osterlind's Radar Deck if i have it setup or Marc Spelmann's Out of Sight Just in your Mind and All's Fair.

    However the most useful effect I have is Kenton Knepper's Kolossal Killer.

    If someone is to come up to me and ask me to show them something off the cuff I usally just do my own 2 and a half phase watch routine or a book test with whatever I can find lying around.
  16. HAHA Nice!!
    The yellow market.:D

    3 Card Monte works well too.

    Hand in Mouth, ACR, Card to Pocket, Deck Vanish

    Card in Hand/Back in Time- Sankey
    Chicago Opener

  17. I bet that hand in mouth trick is really attractive :p I'd be impressed to see it.
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    I useally preform downfall, death to the double undercut and TnR.

    lol jk.

    ACR, hot shot cut, ring leader, superman coin bend and three coin routine.
    (Are my favorite)
  19. LOL.

    Seriously, to the OP, most famous doesn't necessarily mean best. Each person has different effects that work for themselves. Personally, some of my current favourites are:

    My version of Out of this World
    and a few others that don't have names... An emotional prediction... A drawing duplication... A name/address divination... Other such things like that.
  20. Biddle Trick, ACR, and a coin routine based on the French Drop and Finger palm vanishes.

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