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  1. Hey I know that many of us dont like de'vo's community and that cr*p, but this thread is to discuss wheter the motions dvd was really sold or not? if the motions dvd really exists or not?

    I remember I saw once on one forum that I cant remember right now, that some people said that the motions dvd by de'vo doesnt exist.. so if u think that exists tell why and if u dont believe that it exists tell why too =)..

    please trashman and all HL/SH people dont get mad defending De'Vo xD
  2. Yes it was sold, a couple people reviewed it. Although if you don't give a s*it about De' why post this? Motions was for the most part given to those close to De' (he hand picked who would get it) although a tiny amount of the dvds were sold for $150 on his site, which sold out very soon. This link might answer some of your questions
    and if you don't even believe that there's a concept, anybody from HL (in the loop) will explain that there is, I'd give you proof, but I'm not sure how De' would feel about me giving that info to anybody from a different fourm....
  3. Jesus on ice skate's 150$ for some sort of CD?

    No Dice

    I would rather get the encyclopedia with all the DVD's
  4. The original Motions is a dvd, and it was priced that much because De' wanted to ensure that only the hardcores would think of buying it. Now you can't get it for any price, one guy offered $10,000 (no joke) and, he's not getting it.
  5. Wow, that better be a good dvd. If i bought that for 150$ and it was something like XB i would spaz. That's expensive, and i thought the trilogy was expensive =|.
  6. this is one of the main reasons I think it doesnt exist :p
  7. Believe what you want, I don't give a sh** if you do or not because I know it exists, De' just wants to keep it underground and exclusive....
  8. Thats bull. Why would you make a dvd, about a supposed revolutionary concept, and not let anyone talk about it? I respect De'vo and the hard work he's done, but he really is full of crap.
  9. De'vo is too into the "underground" thing. He doesn't even want people to know the history of flourishing... as in some of the revolutionary concepts that happened in his forums before decknique and cheaterscheater.
  10. Whether you guys choose to believe Darian or not is up to you. Just keep in mind that as of the time I'm posting this, he has the words 'handlordz freak' in his signature. And he doesn't know why he is pracitisng springs in both his hands.
  11. About that.... :rolleyes:
    I've stopped practicing springs in both hands, I figure it's better to learn all the advanced springs in my left hand rather that just waste my time leaning a basic spring on both hands and nothing else....

    And about Motions....
    The reason he is keeping it secret and not showing previews for it is because when the first trailer of CTG came out ton of smart@$$ tried to copy the moves and claim them as their own, he didn't want that to happen to Motions. And if you think the concept doesn't exist.... De' will include part of Motions on an upcoming DVD (I'm not sure if I was supposed to say that). That's all I have to say for now....

    @ Eddie, if you're like most of the people on this fourm (meaning you hate De' and disrespect him whenever possible) what do you care about the concepts that happened on his fourm before Decknique and CheatersCheaters?
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    I don't hate De'vo as much as the next guy. But who doesn't want to see when flourishing was basic back then? I wasn't around when Cheaterscheater or anything before that and the things that happen in the past so I am of course interested in what happened. To see not just his forums in the past but the other early stages of our greatest flourishers today such as Dan and Dave, Kevin Ho, etc. etc.
  13. I have little reason to doubt "Motions" exists. Jerry Cestkowski has gone on about how it's a great move, and almost showed a friend of mine but changed his mind.

    How big the DVD is, whether or not people truly offer $10,000 for it, is all up in the air. Anybody can say they offer $10,000 but nobody has ever actually paid that, who knows if they're just talking air and trying to see who has it. (Because who could pass up $10,000?)

    So yes, I do believe there is a "Motions." And as for enticing everybody, it's obviously worked in his favour. I have no reason to doubt that De'vo has many more moves in his arsenal he hasn't shown either, which is why I'm looking forward to his Schattenreich DVD.

    Whatever else you want to say about him, you can't deny he's creative.
  14. Couldn't Wait

    MOTIONS official trailer was released after De'vo bought all of his brand spanking new camcorder, and new editing software

  15. Jesus on ice skate's 150$ for a deck of cards?

    No Jerry's

    I would rather get a brick of Guardians...

    (sorry for the offtopicness)

  16. *insert purpose of thread here*

    Motions will probably never exist for you guys, cause people will continue to be ego boosted Internet anonymous junkies.
  17. Doesn't really prove that the DVD still exists...

    I can have a website page saying that I have a million dollars and can own Dan and Dave in cards without any PHYSICAL proof. That doesn't mean I do have a million dollars and can own D&D in cards.
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  19. Again, if I put up a preview video saying that I am going to release a 3 handed Cobra cut doesn't mean it's true...

    Ever heard of false advertising? Well I personally have no idea wtf is going on... but just saying how it can be fake.

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