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  1. Hi!

    I'm pretty young and I love magic as most of you guys do. Card tricks fits perfect for my personality. I can a lot of different tricks and I'm pretty good at it, but I want to put in some cool moves like different cuts, advanced card control moves you name it.

    So my question is does anyone know some kind of "cool" moves that a beginner can do?
  2. Try holding a deck of cards in one hand and with only that hand, taking one card and spinning it on your finger and then catching it back on the deck before it falls off your finger. It's one of the few cardistry moves I do. It's similar to Daniel Madison's Devil's Pieroutte.
  3. If you can do a spring, try Under Pressure. Then, try the lepaul spread. Then do a horizontal spring as ur bringing the cards forward. Practice that and once u get it, try the Curly Q fan. It is my favorite move.
  4. I'm not a card guy but even I can do a one handed cut.
  5. How young bud? The reason that I ask is because this will help me determine the size of your hands. Can you grip an entire deck of cards with one hand? The two techniques that I'd highly recommend working on right now are the "double lift" and the "top card change".

    As many here would probably suggest, try to find some better tutorials than the ones that I just linked to. However, these are free and meant to demonstrate the moves that I am referring to. These two moves will prove to be quite useful over your life time.

    Secondly, in almost every tutorial these days, it is really quite popular for the one teaching to say something like "don't use your thumb to do a double lift". Whatever. Many start out using their thumbs in order to practice during their performance. I personally don't care whether or not you can lift two cards up off of a deck if you CAN'T KEEP THE CARDS TOGETHER. It would seem to me to be pointless to be able to do a fantastic pinky count double lift if you can't control the two cards after that. Hence, I say, get used to controlling/showing two cards together as one, and subsequently work on the lifting. Those are my thoughts anyways.
  6. Card Spring, Faro Shuffle, Charlier Cut. Thats all you need for beginner moves if you want to show off. Those are the 3 moves I learned first. When I got better and learned all that I started cardistry. Moves like Back Drop and Pomelo are what spectators like a lot. Flicker and Flicker Shot. Moves I do A LOT are Hook, Crawl, Judo Kick, Black Belt, any isolation, Transfix, and Budget Cuts. Those are way more advanced moves though. Start with the 3 basics I listed. Do all other moves people suggest too.
  7. Completely forgot about 5 Faces of Sybil. You need to learn this one.

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