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Moves for Move Monkeys

Sep 6, 2010
Hey everybody!

I am a HUGE move monkey. I love moves like the clip shift, one hand popover, ect... I am looking more more cool moves like those, but I do not like ones that are TOO flourishy. Any suggestions?
Feb 9, 2011
Holy Harp and Wings, Batman!

It's angel sensitive? What - do you break a few halos or something when you do it?

Sorry - couldn't resist. :)
Sep 2, 2007
Since I've stopped performing regularly, I've found myself becoming more and more obsessed with moves from Erdnase. I think anyone who wishes to claim the title "master move monkey" should get all of the Erdnase material down.
Sep 6, 2010
I will definitely check out By Forces Unseen! Sounds sweet!

Any others before I make my final decision?
Feb 4, 2008
I second By Forces Unseen, third Erdnase, and recommend Richard Turners' ,"Shifs, Hops, and Magical Passes." The Turner One Handed shift is a fun move to practice but will take a TON of practice before it is in any way practical for a performer. What more could a Move Monkey ask for!
Jun 10, 2010
Why collect car parts that do not fit together?

Here's my very brief thoughts:

1. If people like cars, let them do whatever the hell they want to do relating to cars.
2. If people want to collect car parts that don't fit together, let them do that as well.
3. Generally, I think said part collectors are guys experienced with what they're "collecting". If some guy who doesn't even know how to change a tire starts getting on "Yahoo! Answers" or something trying to collect a bunch of parts, well...

But... Erdnase and BFU are your best bets. Apocalypse also has a bunch of hard stuff scattered between it's volumes.
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