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  1. Just wondering if you guys would be interested in something like this, so it basically stands for multiple spectator card at any number or mental selection card at any number

    A mentally selected card is found in the addition of multiple numbers freely thought of by various spectator, free choice no forcing, deck can be shuffled by spectator

    -impromtu, no setup

    -spectators can shuffle before and during (after selection is made) presentation of the effect

    -can be done for one or multiple spectators, no forcing, no riffle peek (if that's what your thinking when I say mentally selected)

    - multiple difficulties, from intermediate to advanced handlings, each one has its own levels of deceptiveness especially the advanced handlings

    Just let me know what you guys think and you'd be interested in something like this.
  2. Honestly, I think the ACAAN plot is far more alluring to Magi than to laypeople. In my experience a simple Ambitious Card routine gets more reactions of 'wonderment'.
  3. Yeah. IMO, if it isn't done relatively quickly (it shouldn't take more than 3 - 5 minutes), and if it doesn't happen mostly in the spectator's hands (the dealing, maybe even the shuffle), they aren't really worth it.

    An MSCAAN would be good if you do it in a continuous way. Not revealing i on at a time, but instead having them del out the cards face down and put the cards at the number aside, then a big reveal at the end.
  4. I know a lot of magicians tend to have this opinion regarding the acaan plot but In my experience have to disagree, its been audience tested, I've been doing it for some time now and it's always gotten me great reactions from both lay audiences and magicians
  5. It's one selection, with multiple spectators participation, I tend to present it as affinity and sympathetic nature between friends, couples etc. It can be performed for 1-4 people that participate actively in the effect
  6. Let me see if I can explain it better, just to clear up anything... remember mental selection, deck can be shuffled before and during the effect, impromptu can be done with a borrowed deck, no setup and no forcing for either card or number... these are the conditions

    Let's say there's a group of people, spectator shuffles, card is mentally selected, spectators can shuffle again... You ask the remaining 3 spectators to think of a number between 1-15, the metantally selected card is found at the sum of their respective thought numbers they can handle the cards to count... Again these are the conditions and the effect as perceived by the spectators...
  7. Yes this would be absolutely great! It's an Acaan that doesn't bore them to death, gets everyone involved, and seems pretty good.
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  8. I love ACAAN plots, especially impromptu ones. You should be aware that there are many out there already that have a similar, if not the same plot as this one. I'd love to know which method/s your version is based on and what your specific development to the effect is that you made.

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