Mullica Card To Wallet / Heinz Menton

Dec 1, 2012

My video review:

The Mullica Wallet may well be the most perfect card to wallet principle ever! While it is easy to do, it is baffling and entertaining! At any time and with a borrowed deck, the performer has a card freely selected then initialed or marked for identification. The card is returned to the pack and shuffled. Then with an empty hand, the performer removes the wallet from his pocket. A face down card is seen in the wallet. A message on the face of the card instructs the performer to look in the other wallet. A smaller wallet is then removed from the "wallet proper". Inside this inner wallet is the chosen card!!

Key points:
No palming is necessary. No Forcing. And best of all, when the performer returns the wallet to his pocket, it is ready to do again!

My thoughts:
This is so well made and very professional looking. The Mullica wallet would make a great addition to any table hopping, walk-around or restaurant magician's repertoire.

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