Multiple card color change?

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Parker Nolan, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. I was playing around with the Erdnase color change, and I realized that I had accidentally pulled out four cards. I then set up four aces on the bottom, and was able to do the color change, but move four cards instead of just one. I am guessing people have stumbled across this before, but I looked on the internet and haven't been able to find a multiple card color change. I was really hoping this is original, as it would be so awesome to see magicians use my method as a basis for their tricks :D . I would upload a video, but I cannot find my video camera. If anyone finds something out there similar to it, could you give me a link to it so I can see if it uses the same method? Thank you!
  2. Sorry but I'm pretty sure I've seen this before...
  3. Darn. Just in case you saw a different one, here is the link to the video
    The trick with the aces itself isn't what I'm trying, the change itself is. My take on the Erdnase color change, I call it 'Open Source Switch' haha I just want to see people use it to invent new effects. Creative criticism appreciated. Also, I do not have the best handling in the video, but I am very tired haha.
  4. One of the guys over at E, Ty Lee, has a way of doing this he called the Arkady Subtlety which allows him to change the cards indefinitely and end clean.
  5. I know Nate Kranzo does a multiple Erdnase. I've also seen (what looked like) a double snap change.

    Sorry, man. Looks good though, nice idea!
  6. Oh, well, looks like I won't go down in history as this move's inventor haha. Thank you all for the feedback, though!
  7. lol buy hey, at least you earned a subscriber ;)
  8. Thanks! Right now all my videos are ones I uploaded in order to use them as video responses, but I'm working on a trick I call 'Portal' and that's going to be edited and shot with an actual camera, not just my iPad haha.

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