Music + Flourish + Synchronization = ?

Apr 6, 2010
Im sure its probably already been discussed, but i thought id bring it up as i just began to think of the possibilities for another expansion within Cardistry.

Imagine taking your skills in cardistry and applying them to your taste in music, whatever that may be, and keeping in sync with it, using different flourishes and combo's to provide a complete visual representation of that audio track your are listening to.

From simple examples, such as a spring for a long reverb note, to advanced examples, such as sybil for a fast, choppy differentiation between high and low pitch, the possibilities are endless.

Basically like the complimentary effect that beatboxing provides to music tracks, you could conduct freestyle cardistry in time with the music, matching notes and chorus's, synching your movements with music.

I just thought id try get some discussion going on the matter, as it would provide a whole new dimension to cardistry were it to be focused upon.

Feb 27, 2009

I agree with you.
I think the moves made in cardistry videos are more impressive when they are in tune with the music video, because when it joins estraordianarios movements with a pleasant song and that is compatible with the movements, can create an awesome video
The music is an important point in the video, and that one must be careful when choosing her
Apr 6, 2010
Well i was more thinking of specifically wacking a set of tunes on and kind of 'jamming' to the music in real time, not fitting music to pre recorded stuff.

You know like improvising on moves and stuff as a music track progresses, not necessarily with the intention of recording it.

Exactly like the way beat boxers make up/improvise a tune along with a music track, or the way a drummer improvises his beats to fit the speed and rythm of a a song.

What im getting at is, why dont we start trying this, im sure it would be a good help for fluidity and speed with the cards and also very good for creation purposes.

I saw that video of Dynamo a while ago actually, and thats the kind of stuff im talking about, fitting your cardistry with a ryhtm or beat or song or whatever so that you have to improvise quickly.
Dec 3, 2009
In my own world
I make cardistry videos while listening to rave music. If you haven't heard rave music, look it up. It's always fast so it's really cool. Sybil combos and flourishes look really good when in sync with rave.
Apr 6, 2010
That was brilliant and definitely the kind of thing i was thinking of.

He managed to keep it in syn with the pace of the song and use sleight of hand to produce certain suits at the same time as the lyrics that fitted them: nothing more impressive in my opinion.

Still though, maybe people should start focusing on doing this as an actual part of their cardistry routines, instead of just knowing what you are going to perform next, have to improvise.
Apr 6, 2010
Yeah that was sick, the exact kind of thing i was on about!

Loved when he put his hand through the square :)
Mar 27, 2010
I practice to music all the time and try and improvise and sync it up. I'd love to do more vids where things sync up but my video equipment isn't the best so it's not always as smooth as I'd like it.

Another really good example is the Let it Burn video I've seen recently posted by Mario Echin. Even though I'm not a fan of the music, the moves and music go very well together. The dude's also a super slick flourisher which obviously really helps.
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