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    Three one on one private lessons that bring you into the creative mind of Michael Paul. You'll learn three insanely visual (and practical) close up magic effects, along with several variations, moves and subtleties. Learn about proper timing, audience direction, context, framing and much, much more. Are you tired of single trick releases, that only show you how to do some trick you'll never be able to actually use? Maybe it's time for a Reality Check! Running time: Over 90 Minutes!

    And that is truthfully exactly what you get. Truly one of the most useful teaching videos I have seen in a while...

    Effects on the DVD/Download:

    Atomic 2.0: Now, there are two versions to this effect,

    1st version: In the first version you make a wrapped atomic candy ball appear out of no where in your hands. Once that has happened you reverse this by simply rubbing the wrapper a bit in between your fingers as it slowly vanishes. You must be wondering where the candy went? No where else, but one place... where it belongs, your mouth!

    Thoughts: Wow, that's all I have to say. Very good thinking on Michael's plate. Clever yet so simple. I could definitely see my self performing this in my routine in the future! It would be the perfect opener as it is Michael's ;)

    2nd version: Take a wrapped life saver in between both your hands as you flex the wrapper that is concieling the candy, in the blink of an eye it's gone! Of course like the 1st version it ends up right in ur mouth!

    Thoughts: This is just as clever, yet it does happen to use a gimmick. The gimmick is something cool and I'm sure you could find it in alot of local places, like Michaels or something. (not from Michael Paul ;) But I do find this one to be a pleasure because I think it is a bit more visual than the first version.

    Overall: It's awesome! For the people who don't like gimmicks as much, there is a version for them as well as the people who do like to use them!

    Rating: 9/10[/COLOR]

    Phantom: You take a half dollar or a quarter can be used indeed as you place it in one of your hands and you wave the coin cleanly vanishes and is no where to be found! Both hands are clean!

    Thoughts: I actually found this trick pretty fun to play with apposed to perform. I mean I would definitely see myself performing this yet it does take alot of practice to master like Michael does. Although everything take practice in magic!! It does use one little litttllleee (I don't know if you can consider it a full gimmick) but gimmick lol that makes the vanish work. Most magicians should have this in there home But when I saw this vanish in the performance at first I was amazed, as I still am just amazed to how the method is done also!

    Overall: I really think this a beautiful vanish especially for coin magicians. It will work in many situations, as it is a bit angle sensitive I may say but the reactions once they see both hands empty and clean are wellll worth it.

    8.5/10 just because of the angles but it is really nothing to worry about. :)

    U.V.A.C.: A whole new creative ambitious card routine, using the ultr-visual face up instant rise. Also you put a sticky on the card as you also place the card into the center of the pack leaving post it out jogged out of the deck at all times. But as you watch you can make sure you see your card rise as the sticky attached to it makes its way visually to the top! Now with all this done the spectators card cannn ofcourse be signed but after all this ambitious card in the blink of an eye the signiture visually vanishes off the card to end your sexy routine.

    Thoughts: Now this trulyyy had to be my favorite part of the DVD. Since I am a card magician I couldn't help but to fall in love with the way this whole routine is layed out! It is not just making the card constantly coming to the top in a boring fashion, but each in a different visually awesome way!! My favorite part of this whole routine would have to be the Ultra Visual Card rise. It is just so quick and beautiful. As you simply push the card in face up in the center of the pack it is instantly.. RESET back to the toppp. Visualness in your face.

    Overall: I just absoloutely love this routine! Nothing is perfect but let me tell you that it is pretty damn close!


    Practicality: Being Mental Playground, there effects are always top class ready to go out and perform magic. All these tricks are totally practical in the real world!

    Teaching: Michael Paul is a fantastic teacher. He goes over nearly everything you need to know and you will not need to be left with any questions after wards. Thanks Michael.

    Any extra thing? YES, After all this Michael and Matt Mello are nice enough to sit down and literally talk to you about UVAC together and thoughts on it. It makes it alot easier after this to be able to feel alot more comfortable going out and about and performing this in different situations.

    Than after is a couple blooper shots. Which I found extremely hilarious! LOL I was laughing my head off, and I enjoyed it alot.

    Overall for the DVD: THANK YOU so much mental playground for this amazing video. I reccomend this to anyone. Wether you perfer stage magic, coin magic, card magic, w/e! GET IT. Mental Playground you once again have not let me down.

    Go to this link and I promise you will nott be dissapointed:

  2. I'm gonna be honest; I didn't read any of this because the changes in color were extremely annoying to me.
  3. Trust me man these really are great. You can even get them seperatley. Micheal goes into alot of detail on everything technique,framing ect, he is an excellent performer and anything from Micheal is worth looking into.
  4. GOtta agree with u tom!
  5. Thanks very much for the great review. As Tom mentioned, these can be downloaded instantly and seperately at (there's other stuff there too). The vid was shot in Hi-Def, and the location was awesome. I had a great time making this DVD, and all of the material is real world/worker stuff (I personally use every piece in my shows).


    I'm at the Castle performing close up the 29th through the 5th. If anyone is in the area and would like to go... hit me up at

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