My Boss Likes DRESSCODE!

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  1. So, I got DRESSCODE yesterday and set everything up and practiced until I had it down pretty good. I was talking to my friend Trevor about it right around 20 minutes before I had to clock into work. We got this idea! Here is what happened:

    I walk up to the clock in machine to clock into work. My boss, Guy, looked at me (mind you I was wearing a shirt with lightning all over it) and he said this to me - "Robby, that doesn't look like an HEB shirt to me...."

    I looked down and I said "Crap...umm...I thought I had it...I can't wear this for today?" He replied "No Robby, you need your HEB shirt..." (He said all of this in his sarcastic toned but not really mad at all voice).

    I said "This won't work for just today?" "Nope," he said. I turned around, and then turned back around, shaking my shirt which was now my HEB work shirt and said "How about this will this work?"

    His face turned red and he got this smirk on his face and said "Robby, I have no clue how the hell you just did that but yes that will work." His jaw was nearly on the floor and he was staring at my shirt.

    All evening Guy would just look at me and laugh and say things like "Robby, that is some seriously good magic," or "I still have no clue how you did that but it was amazing," or "When do you plan on starting to do birthday parties?"

    I gotta say, that was the best start to a day at work ever!

    Hope you enjoyed,
  2. That, in my opinion, is a great use for Dresscode. You won't be able to do it for your boss again, but he'll never forget it.

    This isn't a showpiece in and of itself (Calen's dress shirt/tie change comes close...I had some ideas about that) but a great piece of spontaneous magic that catches people off guard. It's not like 'hey look at my look at it again!' You set it up well and caught someone off their guard, well done.
  3. haha cool story. Everyone should be doing this in their workplace.
  4. Great story and very creative application for Dresscode! Very memorable and relevant adaptation to the situation you were in.
  5. Great job! I love applying magic into daily situations. The other day I was having lunch with my friend and his little brother whispered to me "Can you make my brocolli disappear.PLEASE?" I laughed. but a minute later I realised, I COULD!

    I took a piece of brocolli and made it 'disappear' (french drop) and although I ended up eating an extra piece of brocolli, His reaction was totally worth it!

    Joshua Jay mentions doing something like the above in his Complete course in Magic book.

    - Jenai
  6. Thanks for the comments guys! It was really fun! I love using magic on the off beat like that!

    That broccoli comment he made is funny! lol That is so cool that you were able to figure a way to make it "disappear" for him! :)
  7. Hahaha, nicely played.
  8. Ha ha, that's excellent. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Very awesome man I enjoyed it immensely. I really want dresscode now.
  10. Awesome story man. Sounds like to me you enjoyed the reaction you got. It would be cool to be the fly on the wall in your bosses office when he tells others how you fooled him. Nice job!
  11. something in this story inspired me.

    i often will just wear a white t-shirt with a hoody.

    i'm thinking about dropping a french fry loaded with ketchup on my white shirt at lunch

    swapping in a new shirt. now i can either put in a totally different shirt. or i could just put a new white one...

    make the shirt change? or the stain disappear? what do you guys think?
  12. make sure the stains big enough to b noticed or else not much will happen
  13. I am guessing that that one application paid for the effect for you huh?
  14. That is just ridiculous. I'm starting to want it more and MOAR!! It's only $30.. and I do have $90.. hmm..
  15. its one of the benefits of dresscode..
    i cant wait to received my package and start learning^^
  16. Well done sir! Now THAT's connecting with your audience on an emotional level, well done! An amazing story, practical application, and inspiration to the rest of us. Keep up the good work!

  17. Glad you enjoyed it. Btw I'm a girl :)
  18. Good to know! When I put he, though, I was referring to the boy that asked if you could make the broccoli disappear lol :)
  19. Thats excellent! I hope to be picking up DRESSCODE soon, all the more reason to get it now
  20. Good idea man I'll have to use that at my work someday.

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