My cards are too cold!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Evan Chartrand, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. I live in Winnipeg, and the weather regularly gets down to -40°(the same in farenheit or Celsius). I've noticed that whenever I take them outside they develop a click. Even if they're just outside for a few minutes and in my jacket pocket. Is there anything I can do to avoid this?
  2. Get your cards a toque!

    1. Take half the deck and turn them face up.
    2. Faro-shuffle the two halves into each other and put the deck back in the tuck case.
    2.1. If the case is a few cards light, pack it with some advertising cards or spare cards to make it more full.
    3. Put the deck in a card clip, or stick it under some heavy books overnight.

    That should remove the deck clip!
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  3. Do you know where I could buy a card clip for cheapish?
  4. You can probably find some cheap ones on eBay or Amazon. I had a plastic one that I bought from Penguin Magic and it lasted a surprisingly long time.
  5. For about $10 - $15, you can find "Porper" style Card clips on Ebay and Amazon. The official ones cost around $40, but knock offs called "Porper Card Clips" will do the trick (not as high quality, probably not as long lasting, but they get the job done).
  6. I second the upside down right side up faro shuffle. It is a pain to fix after but it has solved my problem in the past.

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