My Color Change.

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by SIX, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. It looks really great man. From how it looks, I can see so many applications for it, adding visual moments to certain plots or bits.

    Awesome work!

  2. Thanks man, sent it to the crew here but no response..Not that good i guess :p lol
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    Really like it, maybe a Portal transpo possibility ....
  4. Absolutely great!
  5. Looks amazing, thanks to shared this with us :)
  6. I thought it was very smooth, clear, visual and done without much cover. I give it two thumbs up!
  7. Thanks guys! T11 was kinda intersted and havent heard back yet so Ive decided to talk to some one else abotu releasing it, so hopefully soon with all applications and stuff.

    Thanks again!
  8. Nice effect, i like it'
  9. awsome effect, quiuck visual 'poppy' love it ! :D
  10. Wow, really nice and smooth.
  11. Thanks man, got some new ideas coming soon with it. Should be realeased March/April.
  12. Sorry for the huge delay, but ina few more weeks it should all be ready, thank you all for the kind words again!

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