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  1. This is an idea I came up with around ten years ago. I really hope you all enjoy it as "spectators." I hope it encourages you with your practice and goals. Also, hopefully it benefits you if you decide to add it to your repertoire. I'll be releasing all my notes on it November 2. Thanks.
  2. wow you are an amazing cardist!!
  3. Haha, thanks Seth. I feel like I know so little sometimes!
  4. Looks great! I'm often hesitant to combine card magic and cardistry as it seems to take away from both, but I never would've thought of combining non-card based magic with cardistry. It looks awesome here!

    If you don't mind, the only constructive bit of criticism I have is that the ring was moving, implying that you put it there. But if you could get it to the point that it looks stationary, you'd have this piece be even better. Maybe slow down on the reveal, or hide it with a fan just for a little longer?

    Overall though, nice job!
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  5. Thanks Maaz. I'm always open to feedback. As for the ring, I see your point (although I like the idea of the ring "vibrating"). The ring has an oval shaped face, thus a narrow contact point with the cards and so you could "fix" the vibration by using a different ring or object (like I do here) :

    Something that I will discuss more in my upcoming notes is that the small object you make appear can be customized to your persona or the story you're telling. You could make appear:

    - A flower or piece of candy for a lover.
    - poker chips as part of a gambling routine ("People try to peek at your cards, but they forget to keep an eye on their chips", implying that you can steal them with sleights).
    - Coins, to segway into your coin routine.
    - Etc. (anything tied to a small item you want to introduce for your routine/character)

    There are many ways to reveal the item but essentially it should fit you and the setting.
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