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  1. MY conversation with a kid who wanted a tutorial of one of my tricks on youtube:

    Person: Would you like to trade for your blood brothers tricks? (my made up trick if anyone of you doesn't know) If you do, give a list of 5 tricks you wanna learn at i'll give the answer to 1 or 2.

    Me: No man sorry, I don't trade any tricks. Plus this is just like revealing. This was my idea and I will not give the secret away to anybody at the moment and it may remain that way for a while.

    Than 5 min later he sends me a whole pm on how he thinks it's done, which is absolultley wrong. But for information revealing ideas I've decided not to put this up.

    Me: I understand that you are very curious about how this trick works but I'm sorry to tell you that this is not how.

    Later He goes on one of my other videos of Panic and comments exactly how it is done. Telling every one afterwards in the comment that they should go to his tutorial vids.

    Me: Why do you have to do what you did. You have no right going on other people's videos and revealing a trick that they did and practiced to do. Plus this effect is copyrighted. Please stop.

    Heres the best part:

    Person: Your just a fat white kid that still follows some damn magicians code. So shut up. Give me the tutorial or I will reveal all of your tricks. (I'm not even fat haha)

    Than he sends me another one:

    Person: I'm going to make a video explaing to everyone the wrong way to do it, unless you tell me how.

    and this is what i sent back to him:

    Me: ok man, you have no right to be disrespecting me like that. I will send u the tutorial when you start to give me respect.

    NO i will not be giving him the tutorial. I just sent that because that might hold him off from revealing all my vids at the moment. DOES anyone have ideas of how to stop this?! I can't have him reveal all my tricks!

  2. I would tell him completely different methods, that looks similar, but aren't even used in this effect, or just delete all of his comments on your videos
  3. Take your videos off youtube. That way even if he reveals it, nobody knows what he's revealing.
  4. yah... but i don't just wanna delete all my vids i put a good amount of work into these vids
  5. that kid is so RUDE!!!!
    why would he do that?!?!?
  6. Ive got one word for you:


  7. well yea i do have vimeo also, but for some reason on youtube i like the comments because they could be good feedback at times
  8. The block function is like the golden trident with which Posieden kills these obnoxious youtube noobs.

    Seriously, just block him. Go to his channel, look on the left side, and there's a little button that says "Block this user" Click that, and BOOM! He can't comment on your videos, he can't send you messages, he can't do anything. It's amazing! It's like an automatic forcefield!
  9. Hey i got an idea. Start to make a "tutorial vid". Just be like "hey everyone today I'll be teaching you little ***holes (fill in name of trick). Then as soon as you are about to explain it make it into a screamer and have like the exorcist girl pop up or Danny Garcia with nunchucks. Then send it to that kid.

    EDIT: or (similar to something said before) teach an extremely hard method to do the same thing and make it less visual so he is disappointed.
  10. Is this the new "cool" thing to do?
  11. LOL i dont think ill be doin this, considering that might just get him to get even more pist at me but i will block him i guess.
  12. Seriously man, just block him. People like that just aren't worth anyone's time.
  13. There is a setting on youtube that will enable you to see the comments first and then you decide if that comment gets posted. Capish?
  14. This kid has no right to do that.
  15. agreed

  16. honestly, i don't see why you're wasting your time arguing with some kid online when you should be out there amazing people!
  17. and i am out there amazing people its just i also like feedback from people around the world
  18. Wow...and I thought the kid I talked to was bad. I hope your situation turns out ok.
  19. I beilive everyone should all together stop putting videos up on youtube it is just going to cause exposer because you can veiw the trick 1000000 times and figure out how it's done.

    If you want to keep your channel block the kid then make a flash screamer hahaha.
  20. Who was that kid?

    Uh, you could block him so he couldn't reveal your tricks commenting your vids...

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