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I will now go and practice it more, thank you for the feedback
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I understand that the trick was easy to figure out, I just wanted to know what people thought of the editing and performance
Oct 8, 2011
that trick can actually fool people live, but since you cant use even basic misdirection in a recorded video then it is relatively easy to figure out.

however, the filming and editing was truly beautiful and keep up the good work
Sep 1, 2007
Belgrade, Serbia
Honsetly, none of it was good. Sorry, but there was not much editing at all, since the entire trick happened in the same frame, the only editing is at the beginning and end, so you have 3-4 shots, I wouldn't call that editing. Also, not once during the video can we see your face, which is pretty unprofessional and not good.
The trick it self is also not good, very choppy, not smooth at all. You don't even have the basic sleights down. Even your double split in your hands and flashed terribly.
So work a lot on your technique and add some face to the video.

I know you probably don't like my post since you said you don't want negative feedback, but I was just being honest, no bad intentions, only good ones ;)


Aug 31, 2007
The above are some noteworthy tips above.
I did like your pacing. It was very smooth and easy to follow what was going on. Good music choice too. You are right about it being an easy trick to figure out, however, if you keep working on being quick, smooth, and natural with the moves then it will become much more deceptive.
Well...the music was good.

- Steve

Postscript: It's rather pretentious to say "and I'd just like to know what you all think of it." then add "By the way please only leave positive feedback,"

People are going to call it as they see it, they aren't going to watch you mess up such a novice move like a double lift and tell you how fantastic it was. What's the point? And your 'editing' is basically 3 fades...okie dokie.

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Sep 14, 2008
Louisville, OH
I'm in agreement with Toby. Reread his comments carefully and think about them. You have a ways to go before that would even fly out in the real world and count as "entertainment". Just being honest as I normally am. Practice the sleights more and do them for audiences so that you know their eyes are burning your hands and you have to learn to interact.


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Sep 1, 2007
Few things I'd like to comment.

Quite a few bits can be left out of the trick itself. Too much fats for my liking. (i.e. Why all that shuffles? Why all the fancy cuts just to produce random cards?)

Going along with that, some of the moves lacked motivations. You can justify those EASIER if you were talking through out the performance, but then again, I personally can't imagine much good justifications of why I had to do fancy cuts to find two indifferent cards (that doesn't mean you can't, I just personally can't).

My advice would be watch other sandwich effects. I'm sure you can find plenty of them in YouTube. Lastly, practice the sleights. I'm sure you are, but I'd be reluctant to post any trick that flashed the method.

Hope these helps.


Thanks for all of the feedback I will now practice it more
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