My Favorite Opener for Strolling Magic

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pete Pridanonda, May 21, 2014.

  1. Now that I've been doing strolling magic for about 2 years, this effect have allowed me to approach a group at a table with confident. There are 8 magical moments taking place in only a minute, which makes this effect perfect to establish yourself as a serious performer. Please enjoy :)
  2. Its a good opener. But from the camera perspective I didn't really get a trick. You also have to pay attention that everyone at the table is paying attention by talking to everybody, not just to the 2 ladies, or to establish eye contact. That's just what I got from the video.
  3. Where are you working?
  4. Thank you very much for your observation Phillip. When I first approached the table and introduced myself, everyone made eye contact with me and was very excited to see the magic. However, in the middle of my routine, the guy in the back announced that the line for dinner just opened, so everyone wanted to be the first in line :) Lesson learned: Always ask when dinner will be served.
  5. In a restaurant, there are tables set up throughout the room.
  6. Fantastic Pete!

    It is great to make sure you talk to the entire table, however, some times you have people who are just not interested and that needs to be respected. Judging by the reactions it was not your magic that was the issue, but a general disinterest. It is always good to explore new ways of engaging the disengaged.

    Nice work
  7. Good work man! Keep it up! My personal favorite opener would be a drawing duplication or revelation.

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