My first deck design. Opinions?

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  1. Hey guys! So for about a month and a half now I have been working on designing a deck of playing cards. It's a maze themed deck. I am not too experienced with adobe illustrator or really even design in general so I found a maze generator online to make the mazes I used and stuck with a very simple design for the faces, I have learned a lot during all of this and next time I want to start from scratch. Anyways feel free to give any opinions or critiques you may have. Thanks!

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  2. I am a graphic designer and i love creating ideas for new decks i have about 13 different ideas but i didn't really started the real work and design them .... my point is you did a great job just trying to design and you don't have a background in graphic designing which is waaay better than a guy who have that background and he is too lazy to start ( ME :( )

    Back to the main subject "The deck" i really like the idea and the joker is just simple and great,

    The facecards are not bad but try to put the maze in a way that make more sense not just a maze in the middle it,

    The back design is so good but try to give it more colors, in my opinion if the small mazes was in a color,
    the big ones in a different one and
    a different color for the background trust me and give it a try it would looks amazing.

    Try as many colors as you can till you find a great looking back design.

    Good luck if you are going to release these somewhere ;)
  3. Awesome! Thanks c so much for the advice! When I get back to my computer I will try that out. :) thank you for the helpful answer
  4. What do you think about this?

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  5. It's very dark, in my opinion it's too dark. What if you replaced the black maze lines with white?
  6. I really don't like it with white mazes. I think its pretty abrasive. I did lighten up the two smaller circles though. I think it looks better this way. What do you think? Back design Different2.png Back design White Maze.png
  7. Would you let me try to color it ?
  8. Sure have at it :)
  9. Hi, This deck looks amazing, I love the mazes and the coloring, I would for sure buy this deck, keep up the good work. Have a good day!
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  10. Hi,
    I have begun designing my own card design and I thought I'd give you my feedback.
    This design has a very engaging/complex look, which fits a wide range of Magicians/Cardists. The colours are stunning and it honestly looks quite appealing. The only small flaw that I can see with it is the size of the maze. In my opinion, if it was a little bit faded in with the stronger colours taking over, it would look even better!
    So far, I give it 9.5/10 :)

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