My First Gig!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by timft, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Alright so I just booked my first gig at a college graduation party in my town. Its gonna be me and my boy. Hes gonna be doing most of the walk around and im gonna be mixing. Im still going to do some tricks. But heres the good part we are going to be doing a SICK illusion. Well its not really amazing to us magicians but ya know. Its one that is sold at TAnnens, its called Center Cutting. the partys in december and its going to be great.

    Thanks for listening guys

  2. Wow that's really great! Good luck with the show and tell us how it goes!.. :p
  3. Yeah, Good luck mate :)
    Have fun and don't be nervous.
    Looking forward to hearing about how it went and the effects.
  4. Good to hear. Colleges are a great venue in which to perform, and to learn and improve one's skills and performance. The ability - and opportunity - to leave a smile on the faces of numerous people of different cultures, tastes, and attitudes, though challenging, is fun in and of itself - and ultimately rewarding.

    I hope all goes well and that you have a great time, as well. Keep it up - and best of luck!

  5. Sounds Great enjoy yourself and get footage if you can lol

  6. Good luck and congratulations on getting your first gig! Good luck! Let us know how things go. :)


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