My Flicker Performance

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by JPedrosa, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Awesome!

    Great job, I couldn't see anything, very clean! 5/5
  2. nice 4.96831/5
  3. I think that its kinda obvious, at least for me. maybe remove it, practice it more, and then post a vid.. is wasnt that bad and you didnt flash, but for me was obvious, so maybe remove practice more and then post it..
  4. i dont think he needs to remove it, i didn't see him flash and it was well performed. You just see it because you know how it is now most likely
  5. maybe you are right.. or maybe remove it to practice more, and then realize how much did he improve :p
  6. I think your performance of the trick was cleaner than Dougs in the demo vid.
  7. Good performance, but I agree with Aris.SA, you didnt flash but I know everything that is going on.

  8. you get a Pi+1.4 from me. good work.
  9. FOO:L, you mean Pi + 1.86?

    I think the performance is very good, the only suspicious part was the loading of the coin to the finger. You should know what I'm talking about.
  10. It was very clean. i think you need to smooth it out a little and it would be perfect. great job.
  11. In my opinion it was a great performance. I don't think you should move the hand that holds the coin away from the other palm after the production. If you keep it still, in the middle of the palm the spectator will believe that the coin was produced while your fingers were already inside the palm area.

    I couldn't do better myself of course though.. :p
  12. Damn! Very clean. Awesome vid dude.

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