My Friend's Coin Vanish

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by FliXeRoCk107, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. This has to be one of the coolest coin vanishes i have ever seen. It was invented by my friend Seth, who has just started getting into coin magic. He taught me this and i am in no way trying to blow this off as my own. I did the performance, but the invention goes to my friend. This can be done with any coin and is really easy! It looks really visual, even though it is quite easy to figure out. No wires thread and it didn't go on the floor. Can be done compleatly surrounded.
  2. That's really not new.

    Have a look up on sleeving, it can look much much better than that.
  3. I just learnt from Lee that is is from Bobo's coin magic book. My friend doesn't have that book, adn i think he just did it randomly one day. Still, i give him credit for trying. I will look up sleeving.
  4. If he is new to magic I still give him credit for picking up on being able to do that. good performance on your part. More for laymen than magicians if you know what I mean.
  5. Been around for ages, I saw it about 3 years ago at school.
  6. yea its been around but it was still very good and he did it palm up didnt he?
  7. Nope, even simpeler than that.
  8. It is basically the "Catapault" vanish in Bobo's. Brian Platt has an exellent Dvd on the vanish.
  9. i like the trick
  10. Young man...(lol)
    The Art of Sleeving is a secretive move and the name shall be aswell

    if you think of it, you can say things like
    Downs Palm,
    J.W. Grip (not finch)
    Classic and the clips and laymen wont figure them out as fast as saying sleeving...
    so when you do something be very careful who you might be 'magic buddies' with.
    because of the seriousness in the Art of Magic and Sleeving

    Its a very useful move and should be practiced a lot to perfect.
    you might know how to do it very good and almost flawlessly until one day someone sees your sleeve move. so when learning it, learn the many possible ways and have fun!

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