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  1. I've started workin on some original ideas that I'm looking to get some feedback on.
    Here's a few of them:

    OnE EiGhty AcE – A reversing aces plot: The four aces are presented and one-by-one each ace is individually reversed. After the final ace has reversed, the performer reverses all aces at once...

    Widow's Peak – A lightning quick card reversal executed by simply squaring up the deck. Includes applications for a peak, and a few card tricks...

    Card2Box – A deck is introduced and a card is selected and signed. The card is lost into the deck and the performer introduces the box into the equation. The spectator is asked to hold the box while the magician creates a “magic moment”. The performer grabs and shakes the box and a card can be heard in the once believed to be empty box. The box is opened and a single card is shown in the box, which is eventually revealed to be the selected card...

    While You Weren't Looking - The four Aces are introduced and set aside. Three cards are selected(selections can be signed), and lost into the deck. The four aces are brought back into play. The performer explains how he will begin reversing the aces one by one. So he reverses the first, then the second ace, but suddenly decides to stop the trick. The performer explains to the spectator(s) that the aces routine was just a distraction for what was really happening. The two reversed aces are revealed to be two of the selections. Then the spectator is asked to spread the deck to find the aces face up in the deck, sandwiching one card, the third selection...

    Make Money, Money!!! - A coin production: The performer shows both hands empty. Afterward, the performer claps his hands together and reveals a coin in his hands...

    The Up-Chuck Vanish – A coin vanish: A coin is introduced, and in the action of throwing the coin up into the opposite hand, the coin disappears...

    Read over the effects and let me know wut u think. Please tell me if any of these effects sound familiar or identical to another you've seen. None of these effects are difficult to perform and suited for any level I believe. Because I'm a true believer in SIMPLE HITS HARD...
  2. There's no need to describe the effects you came up with unless you shoot the video of them in action, because there are similiar or even identical effects (not methods, but effects) out there. Using our imagination for us is not enough, my friend.
  3. Really? Because Daniel Madison doesn't have any preview videos for most of his work and he does pretty well...
  4. True!
    .. but Daniel sells his tricks based on his reputation from One, Two, Three and Lethal.
    By then he had established his brand, and can sell without a video.

    YOU WILL NEED A VIDEO TO SELL. Or.. approach a magic company such as this with a completed set of work, and they can pick what they would like to produce.

    There is a submit a trick link at the bottom of this page.

    Cheers, and Good Luck.
  5. Hey enieves,

    To be honest, most of these plots aren't original. Note that I'm talking about the plot of the effect, obviously, since I don't know the methods, which may be original, but the odds are probably against that too. Which is not to discourage you, there's nothing wrong with that at all, but you should probably know that, is all. Other than being more or less common effects though, if you can pull them off, then sure, whatever works for you. It would be worth researching similar effects contributed by others. And, since you've asked about similar effects, I will tell you what comes to mind. I do think your performing policy is admirable though.

    This is basically the plot of Asher's Twist, as well as many other Twisting the Aces plots - some notable ones include effects by Dai Vernon and Henry Christ.

    This is a version of the inversion plot, where a card is, after some form of byplay, found reversed in the middle of the deck. There are too many variations on this to count. Some that come to mind immediately are effects from Juan Tamariz, a sleight called the Larreverse by Larry Jennings, and a booklet of inversion of effects called Inversion Theory by David Misner.

    Again, there are many many card to boxes. Daniel Madison comes to mind, but there are many many others. A variation of this is Card Under Box, which is exactly what it sounds, and is more or less a similar plot.

    This is basically a cross between a Twisting the Aces routine, mentioned above, a transposition effect, again of which there are many (name a magician who used cards, and he will have a transpo effect), and a sandwich effect (same as for transpo). Two of my favourite sandwiches are Dirty Stinkin' Ape in the Middle by Tyler Wilson and Advocate Sandwich by Daniel Madison. But, there are many others, including ones that specifically use two aces to find a selection in the middle of the deck. I even recall one effect which involved first a transposition, then a sandwich, very similar in plot.

    Lots of these around. One of the basic effects of coin magic is the production. It's everywhere.

    Same as above.

    As I said at the start, basically none of the effects are really that original in terms of the idea behind them. But don't let that stop you! Very little is at all original these days anyway. Almost everything is built on something. Your method may be original, more than likely it is not, but that doesn't mean it's not good magic. You have a good magic philosophy to go by, so just make of it what you can.
  6. Just read a post that I put in another thread and it applies directly to your situation.

    1st way - Raw Creation: Coming up with something new without taking from anything. I.E. - A new card slight, or inventing a brand new principal never before seen.

    This way of creating in my opinion is by far the hardest to accomplish. I believe you have to practically be born to do this and must have a very unique mind to accomplish such ideas. With this I will blow you a kiss and wish you the best of luck because this is so hard. The main reason is because it's all been done before. I can't tell you how many times I thought I was Billy the Badass because I thought I created something so cool it would change the way we look at a certain trick. Here is a short story. I was watching "The Illusionist" and he just did the "Orange Tree" illusion. I made it my quest to come up with a way to accomplish such an amazing feat. I did just that. I worked for days and nights. I came up with blue prints, all the measurements, the apparatus, gimmicks, design, and everything but the kitchen sink! Then I went to go show this idea to a magician I have much respect for and he told me that there were already better versions out there that look a lot better than that. I was completely crushed. I felt so depressed the next day because when you put that much effort into something and someone has already topped it in a blink of an eye you get very down over this. So people looking to do this type of creation, have fun. You're in for a ride. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, there is some more to this story as well. About a month later I reminded him of this incident and how crushed I was that it was already done. He said to me, “It’s the fact that you could come up with that from scratch without any prior knowledge to any workings is what is really impressive". I haven't forgotten these words ever since he said them to me and it would be in your best interest to remember them as well. If you can create something of that caliber and it has already been invented, it shows that you have the ability to create something possibly revolutionary. Keep at it and maybe we will be seeing you in the magic community as the new best thing to hit the scene!
  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I'm well aware the plots are not original. But I think my methods are pretty clever, especially for my card reversal, if someone has done it the way I have, i'll be pissed! But yeah, I know of plenty of transpos, sandwiches, twisting aces, and coin sleights. I think i will start on a preview vid, see if I can get some buzz goin...

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