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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Enzo, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Title says it. My last thread post.

    I don't know how to start.

    Maybe I'll start by saying some of your here are selfish when comes to giving advice. It's like you want to revenge to others the hard times that you felt. That may be good so that the magician/mentalist will be better. But in my perspective, you are making it more difficult than it seems to be. Again this is just my opinion.

    Steerpike - sorry if I've hurt you. I didn't mean it. It's just that your approach to me is insulting.

    Sorry also to all that I've hurt.

    RealityOne - Thank you very much for your advises. I'll always remember them.

    And of course to everyone's advises.

    I like to say a lot more but I'll guess this is it.

    Thank you very much theory11. Good bye!
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    Way to take people's advice, argue meaningless things, and then be a prick about it. Everyone else felt like YOU were making it more difficult. You haven't hurt anyone. Rather, you made them waste a few minutes of their day at various points during said day so they could help you, until you finally listened to it. People were trying to help you, but you couldn't just admit you were wrong until right about now. My advice would be to take it and stick around. But, if you're going to act like an 8th grade drama queen, perhaps it's better that this is your last thread.

    But you've got nerve if you're going to type up a post like that which indirectly accuses everyone trying to help you. Steerpike's anger towards you might've been harsh from your point of view, but well-deserved from his. And after re-reading those threads, you can't really blame him either.

    Once again, I'd like to ask you to re-read every thread you started in the last 24 hours. THEN create a BS thread like this to vent your "frustration" at everyone else.

    Just try taking advice into consideration instead of arguing against it, then making a dramatic exit.
  3. [​IMG]

    You want a straw?

    Seriously though, learn to take criticism. We're not here to stroke your ego, neither are your spectators. We're telling you what you need to do to get better, first is to not buy everything all at once. If you are going in the wrong direction we will not support you, we will tell you that you're heading in the wrong direction. You're heading in the wrong direction.

    If you're going to leave just because people are giving you a hard time you don't have the skin to be an entertainer.
  4. Wait a minute. . . I just saw you post a reply and help another person with great advice, yet you can't get over the fact that someone gave you criticism you didn't like. Really, take it in stride and you'll always come out on top. Its okay to get mad at criticism sometimes, everyone does, its because you're in the heat of the moment and no one can tell you what to do. But you need to calm down and step back a minute. Think about what you're about to do. . . quit/stop using, that's like a kick in the pants to yourself. Don't do it, some people are here to help. That's all I have to say.
    Jack L. Dallam
  5. Enzo, bud, if you read this, check your PMs.
  6. Farewell...I am going to cry...

    Seriously man...I have received very harsh coments here...I even got to argue with Steerpike sometime ago...and what did I do...I continued here...and I have learned a lot..

    Don`t let your pride blind you... continue here..and learn...
  7. either act or get off the stage. I have no sympathy for people without the drive and burning desire for personal success. This thread just screams "give me attention",when all along you've been given good solid advice that you steadfastly refuse to take. Instead of acting like an adult and maturing through this process touve instead chose to go down the same road traveled by the likes of towtox, and many others.

    honestly, I hope you eventually get over yourself and become a great magician,but as of now that is yet to be seen.
  8. sayonaraa.
  9. This is getting a little ridiculous. Everybody is part of the community here and we're here to HELP each other out. If you're going to ignore members advice and constructive criticism, than I find you won't do well in magic, because the answer you WANT to hear is supposedly the correct one. In magic you have to learn and practice and when you make mistakes, you're still going to learn from them. Good luck!
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    I agree 100%. Just because people don't praise your every move (including bad ones) doesn't mean you need to leave. Some people need to learn to take constructive criticism.
  11. I know exactly how you feel...........but you do not have to give up on all of theory 11

    First off, We all have forum arguments. I remember I posted a stupid comment ,and as a result I was insulted by a lot of members. Every time I tried to defend myself my own comments were used against me. I even went head to head with steerpike ,but the argument was settled. The argument was settled ,because since I showed him that I understood his argument he understood mine.

    When I got into a harsh argument with a fellow member I simply apologized to him with a PM ,and explained to him why I posted what I did. After that I logged of theory 11 for about 4-weeks ,and I waited for all of the threads I posted in to die. Then I popped back in when everybody seemed to forget about me. I came back a new person.

    Come on man, we are all a family. We are all working to become good cardist and magicians. Use the advice people give you. We are all here to help.
  12. I'm relatively new here, but i've had spats with people, and then agreed with them completely on different threads. People have differences and different ways of dealing with them, all i can say is this website is alot prettier than the real world. A saying from my town rings through.

    If you cant hack it, get your jacket.
  13. He's right. Bluespade asked some dumb questions (like I have too), argued with Steerpike (like I did too), and then figured out that people were trying to help him (again, dido), and got over it.
  14. haha I think that story can apply to everyone. :)
  15. Yup. Same with me. Back a long time ago I didn't like how some people were acting on the forum and started a huge thread on why they should change their attitude. I got so much backlash I had to either ask to get my username changed or delete that account and create a brand new got THAT bad. Did they change their attitude like I had wanted to fit me? No. And I understood completely after that. I bet hardly anyone remembers my old username I used 2 years ago, and since then I've changed my act and look where its gotten me. I couldn't be more thankful. :)
  16. It seems as though most people argued with steerpike, I feel left out. o_O

    Anyways, back on topic.

    Looking at your previous posts you deserved most of the insults that you received. Some insults you may not have deserved but it happened nonetheless.

    Get over it. There is no need to make a post about how you are going to quit the forums. Just quit if you dont want to stay on the forums.

    By making this thread, many people responded, as you expected. And I know you are going to come back to this forum/topic and look at the replies to this thread. Now that you have read this reply, and many others, and now that your pride is restored (unfortunately). I hope you feel guilty for making such a useless thread.

  17. Hope you still with us here man..
    otherwise its up to you .. :)
  18. I agree here. Some people have such the ability to dish out any "critisism", but once it comes back around to them they have to whine about it and make it seems as though the world is out to get them. Walk the talk. Everyone here has learned to pick their fights, I have included. I see many of these "forums are selfish and rude, I'm leaving" threads and it always plays out the same. One person who has been hurt and wants to let everyone know what they think. If you ask for help or an idea, always be ready to embrace it. Whether good or bad.

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