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  1. Hey guys... I am going to be doing a magic show pretty soon and well ofcourse i need an outfit. I was thinking something like Dan Sperry... Mystical and kind of freaky and cool. I really just want a purple dress shirt, black tux vest, and a sweet tie...... check this video.

    Thanks guys... and gals.

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  2. yeah... no, i dont like that... if anyone knows where i can get something like that, Thank you. i mean in the first post... not the second from Saint... no offense.
  3. Well, a lot of Hato's props were built into to his costume. So I don't know why it wouldn't apply.
  4. I dont know if that helps but, what i think makes dan sperry so cool is the morbid mimic touch, the make up does the trick i gess, kinda like joker.
    Dan look like an cartoon caracter, is not just the clothes is the atitude.
  5. Uhh spend some time in Hot Topic.
  6. Maybe a better option is a Halloween store.
  7. Yeah, or if you want to go really morbid go to a cemetery, it'll only cost you a shovel.

    But seriously I do not know why a Halloween store didn't cross my mind. If you can't find one of those you could always go to a theatrical supply store that rents costumes and rent your clothing.
  8. Here in the UK there are some shops which sell Punk and Gothic type of clothing. - They are around... Try and find one near you.
  9. Character, character, character. You'll see that word pop up several times in any essay or comment I make on the forums when dealing with the performance side of magic.

    Your outfit should properly reflect the kind of character you perform as. If you don't have a well defined character such as Burton (the sophisticant), Copperfield (the debonair), or Angel (the rocker goth) then your best bet is to perform in something that is as natural and normal to your audience as it can be. Penn & Teller say their choice of a gray suit reflects this. Because nothing is as invisible to the modern audience as a gray suit.

    It's funny to note: That back in the early 1900's people wore good suits and tuxedo's to theaters. So, the magicians started wearing the tuxedo's to blend in with their audiences. To appear to be like one of them. Kind of funny how that image has evolved in modern times to be the stereotypical image of the working magi.

    If you don't have a character you present as, I would say business professional would be acceptable. I'd personally go suit and tie, but that's just me. Tuxedo's are nice, but also pretty vanilla by this day and age. The important thing is: You need to be comfortable in it. If your not comfortable your performance will reflect that, and thusly suffer.

    I would be very careful of going into the goth range of outfits unless your act and personality can support the image. 5 speed and other card tricks (as presented in the instructional information provided with purchase of the effects) do not translate well into the "goth" image without some minor personal tweeking.
  10. You should be very carerful when wearing something like Dan Sperry's outfit. It works for him as it matches for the character he's portraying, which almost seems to be an extension or exageration of his normal personality.

    If you have a completely different personality and try to wear something like Dan Sperry it just won't work, I know if I tried to wear it i'd look incredibly stupid, it just wouldn't work.

    Make sure you find something which suits you and your personality.
  11. thats kool...just make sure the look says that hey this is me and not dan sperry...or criss angel..or copperfield...just makes sure you look unique...since i want to be like the guy next door...i dress in the same stuff i wear every day....nothing different..just jeans..shirt....or jersey...and shoes...i perpare gimmick based on what i wear....and since we don't wear the same thing everyday.... prepare differently....
  12. Actually, i do like street magic. But i am getting a gig at this place and so i will be doing stage magic. So i was thinking something like Dan when on stage. Yet me on the streets... Because i am not going to be wearing makeup at school in the hallways.
  13. There is nothing wrong with a bit of make-up to accent one's character. (Said the guy who puts on eyeliner and lustbrows when he performs)

    One thing is for sure, always have an outfit JUST for stage. Don't wear it out anywhere you are not going to be working.

    You have to figure out who you ARE on stage before you an dress the character. This kind of stuff takes years to figure out and perfect. It's not overnight.

    What kind of tricks do you plan to do on stage? Is it a silent act or is there talking? If you notice, Dan looks a bit different when he is doing close-up and more "Cirque" when he is on stage being silent.

    There are a great many questions to be answered. If you are interested, message me. I might have something that can help.

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