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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Donald C., Jul 5, 2009.

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    This is a version of Lennart Greens' Top shot that I thought of but am sure many others' have thought of it too.
    Comments / Suggestions ::
  2. ?

    sorry, i'm quite confused. would somebody tell me what's the difference from the typical one?

    *since you want to make it look like the card suddenly appeared in your hand, you may want to cover movement in the left hand by tilting the deck towards yourself. It affects a bit the angle where the card would go, but it's quite manageable.*
  3. its not your move. you may have discovered your variation, but not, nor will it ever be, your move. peace.
  4. Sorry man, but this is definetly not new, I have seen it before, I recommend you say sorry and edit the description, because you didnt invented it, just discovered it. Sorry.
  5. Lol.

    It's YOUR move :rolleyes:

    Boy, I was messing with all kinds of grips for the top shot, so chill.
  6. I have never seen this variation on the Top Shot in print, where the card lands' face down, there fore it is my variation, considering I am most likely the first one to actually put it on video.
  7. Actually I've seen it before, at Blackpool, someone shown it me (Cant remember his name though). It's not new, just because it may not be in print does not mean you're the first to create it.
  8. What is it that makes you so sure of that?

    I've seen plenty a face down shots before. And most likely, nowadays - they won't be in print ;)

    But "considering I am most likely" is an awfully large allegation.

  9. So the difference between an 'original' variation and the real one is that the card lands face down?

    Btw i dont think it will matter much who's it is,because who would print this for you and why? Its just a variation.
    Maybe you can have credibilty with people on the forums but I dont think much more than that.
  10. All I am trying to say is that on my own I thought of it I am proud of that, and have showed it to many people that have said they have never seen it before. I am not trying to start an argument so please back to the commenting.
  11. Wow, conceited much? I've played with a similar move where the card also lands facedown. If I put up a video back then, would that have made me the creator? Either way, it's not very exciting. It's like saying you have a modified double lift.
  12. It was probably me, I was doing this a while before '09 Blackpool and showed it to a couple of people when I was there.

    I never saw it in print, but there are sooo many different ways to shoot a card from the top/bottom of the deck, Lennart Green was probably just the first to put a version in print. Either that or his is the best/easiest to achieve.
  13. either way,theres not much to comment.
    A card shoots out.Wow.
  14. Actually your really funny sarcastically saying wow, when the truth is it is WOW, to a spectator. This is one of the effects I do where I get the best reaction, so maybe if you put the time and effort into perfecting the move [ like I did ] you will see the reactions. I recently did a competition where the top shot was the main move, I had to do the move 3 times in the routine and had to do the routine 3 different times with about 45 magicians watching, and I was nervous but hit the move everytime.
  15. Think i saw this on Dhorian's trailer for his DVD, avenue.

    (just checked, and yeah its there.)
  16. We're all aware of how impressive the Top Shot can be to spectators. However, you're trying to show off to magicians. You have not created anything here, just about anybody who has played with the Top Shot will have come across this. I did it many times when learning the Top Shot and didn't feel the need to post it and claim it's my move for an ego boost.

    To be honest it's just not very interesting. Also, you're attitude does not help at all and is probably the main reason you're getting such a negative reaction. You really need to get over yourself. Do you think anybody would actually try and steal this and claim it as their own? There's nothing to steal.
  17. The move is not a WOW to a spectator, maybe if it is integrated properly into a routine then it would add a more visual punch to the proceedings but on it's own it's just a cute revelation.
  18. Took the words right out of my mouth.

  19. Actually it is a wow, to the spectator.

    Squ!rell :
    You can say that people will come across this when playing with the move but I still came up with it on my own, and yes I am not going to lie I put alot of time into my magic, and it is fun showing magicians some knuckbusting material.
  20. Get down from your ego cloud will ya? you could hurt yourself if you fall from there.


    There isnt a single bit of performance in you, you simple dont want to progress, I feel pity for you, really, we have tried really hard in the past to change you and to make you improve, you insist to be that way? have it your way then burguer king.

    And Im saying this in a nice way, please, mature.

    EDIT:: this is my 1000th post ! hooray!
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