My mouse pad at T11's office

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bryant, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. Everyday when I arrive at work, my right hand is gently placed on JB's young chest and stays there for hours on end.

    // bryant
    theory11 / support


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  2. OMG I want one :D
  3. This is now the wallpaper on my screen.

    Simply precious.

    Almost as cute as Dori.


    Katie Egleston
  4. What a complement! But, who's JB? :D

  5. You mean who's dori or are you just kidding.
    Also, If you aren't whos Dori?

    Happy Holidays,
  6. Dori is Katie and Chris's dog... why I know that I have no clue...
  7. Ohh allright! thanks.

    Happy Holidays,
  8. [​IMG]

    This is Dori.

  9. I definetly see the resemblance between Dori and JB. Dori is cuter though.
    Sorry Jonathan,

  10. Dori is like crazy whatthefrick ohmygoodness holycrap cute...

    Its pathetic... it really is. As cute as they are I have bad feelings against cute animals... girls come to my house and like the dog way more than me... and I can do card tricks! hahaha

    P.S. That WAS a joke, i don't hate dogs... haha
  11. Are you sure?

    I was so sure it was this.
  12. T11 could make billions from selling that mouse pad.
  13. That is amazing.
    I LOL'ed so hard I almost peed.
  14. now i know why you are so happy when you answer my many support questions!!!!!
  15. That's jokes.
  16. It's weird how people always post pictures of me in the morning. How are they getting online??

  17. Dori is super cute and JB is just...... JB. And you are all wrong, this is Dori. Keep in mind she is in the bat cave.

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  18. I managed to hack into your iSight camera and take this photo of you at lunchtime. Folks, you don't wanna know what they fed him.
  19. That was...*Twitch*...interesting. For someone who wears pink underwear...

  20. Stay away from the mystery meat!


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