My New Video Production - Flourish

Dec 8, 2011
Hey guys, we are from Brazil and we are trying to spread the art of the flourish here in our country...

Watch our video and tell us what you think!!!

Thank you all!!!

Jul 14, 2010
The video is nice and all that but, this has nothing to do with the "art of flourish", as you stated. Maybe I misunderstood?
Sep 20, 2010
veey nice video . like you t shirts and cards good marketing ideas.. one tip on spreading this art.

look there are very strong routines out there that all close up magicians know and love to start with, and some of them were created in diffrent places and have culture connection to there origin, try to create your own opener that will be waht brazilians are familiar and know.. those cards are a part of your local culture? sponge balls? you can do magic with anything dont limit yourself to classic.

i am from israel and what can say pepole here just love mentalisim , nothing else you can get paid a lot more think about this
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