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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KASHBEY, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, here's my new website...

    I've been training for quite some time now and have only done a couple of gigs, but I'm starting to do more and more now so need a website to help get me more work.

    It's massively lacking in content as I have some video to finish editing for the demo reel and a couple of performance pieces but there are a couple of teasers as such on there for now until I get up and running a bit more (old vids from a while back). Same goes for the gallery / news etc... it's kind of a soft launch just so my contact and info is on there for now.

    I have a couple of gigs coming up this month and some next month so will start adding more content very shortly.

    Let me know what you think and if you have any constructive critisms to help me improve this... and yes some quotes and things would be good I know !

    Many Thanks,
  2. Great looking web site. The only thing I would say is that the links on the bottom have a minor issue with the borders that appears very clearly when you mouse over them. (See Screenshot Below.)


    As you can see from this screenshot, the border covers part of the link graphic. This is true on all of the bottom links. If this is on purpose, I'd ask you to reconsider this effect, but I'm going to assume it's a mistake because that's what it looks like. This "bug" appears in Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac.
  3. Benji just posted some great advice on making a promo package, and much of it applies to websites.
  4. Looks great but my only concern are the links on the right hand side. Personally the site would look better if they were placed on the left. As a graphic designer and web developer that was one of the biggest no no's. Always have the links either to the left or on top.
  5. every bit of it except positioning of the links as mentioned by limp. It seems a bit odd to have them on the right side.
    Can this be changed or are you "locked" into a template that won't let you put them on the top or left?

    I really like the color scheme and the attitude of it. Nice work.
  6. I like it just the way it is. I think it is stylish, and uncluttered.

    Nice cards, by the way.
  7. beautifull, will you sell the deck ?
  8. I like it mate! Great that it's all on a self contained page. Keeps the view from loosing interest. Also, nice simple design.

  10. Looking at the source code, it would be quite simple to move the navigation and title logo to the left side. However, it is not a definite "no no" to have the links on the right side of the page. If you code the page correctly, it does not effect the SEO in any way. In this site, the links on the right act more as a jquery light box thumbnail that trigger the content in the box - even though that is not actually how it is coded, it does serve the same purpose.

    As for the links on the bottom and the borders not lining up... this might not actually be the case. It could be a desired effect. Perfectly alined borders are not always the best option or the targeted look.

    When it comes to websites, there are not many "absolutes" and regarding this site, it looks quite nice, and the only change I would make is to add some black space above the content, but needs to be done carefully to ensure the page does not require scrolling on more expanded content.
  11. I think it looks great. The monochrome look is bold and stylish and the photography is very nice. Well done!

    The three main links across the bottom look fine, I think. The grey boxes may not be my first choice of rollover highlight but the fact that they appear under the text and the text is unaligned looks deliberate, so I don't think they look broken. What I would do though is remove the title tags from the images so that the tool-tip doesn't appear on rollover. I think that slightly detracts from things. If you really want to keep them then at least format them correctly with capital letters so that they're not all lower case.

    The navigation on the right hand side is fine, in my opinion. I wouldn't consider it a web design no-no these days.

    Presumably that 'memorising' is supposed to read as either 'mesmerising' or 'memorable'. Then 'style of close up card magic...'

    Other than these small details, great job and good luck!
  12. Looks awesome man!

    One thing I might say, just because I've been there and done it, is does your website reflect you?

    It is a brilliant website and really nice, but it gives the air of a mysterious performer, or a classy performer. If this is your style then brilliant! If not then its giving off the wrong impressions and your clients may not be happy with what they've booked.

    Just an idea :)

  13. I would say the biggest problem with the site is it lack target and purpose. In other words, who are you trying to reach with your site?
  14. Wow! That looks amazing and very professional. I would only suggest like the others to make the links on the left hand side, but other than that, just great. I am looking to build my own website right now, and I took some classes a year or so back, and even a photoshop class, and never learned how to make anything like that. I love the way the background pictures are set up, how exactly did you go about making those? Did you use Photoshop? Also, did you use Dreamweaver to make the site, or just pure XHTML/CSS? Thanks
  15. Dreamweaver isn't an auto-site buildier, it is software that organizes your site content, but still requires you to code your own site (for the majority of it - as it does have templates). Thus, you still need to write your own CSS/XHTML/HTML PHP etc...

    Again, maybe 8 times out of 10, yes, links or menus generally go on the left in a sidebar or on the top under or directly to the right of the logo, however... it is not necessarily. At least try to give reasoning as to why you think he should move the navigation menu.

    Designing with web standards is very important, but do not be mislead or confused as to what that means. Just putting something somewhere because a lot of people do it is a good place to start, but is not set in stone for all web-site creation.

    Here is a quote from a discussion on the matter:
    A prospective client looking to hire an entertainer is most likely not going to take a look at the site and say, "Well, I would have hired him, but his navigation menu is on the right side..." And as I have explained before, his SEO will not be harmed in any way. That leaves appearance... and to me, it looks fine.
  16. Hey thanks mate... yeah I do design / branding for a living and have done for 10 years... the look and feel reflects me, my personality and performance style to a tee... and was something I thought a lot about and developed over quite some time and many different versions - the air it gives off is exactly what I was trying to achieve... ie -"air of a mysterious performer, or a classy performer" - nail on the head ;)

    A bit about why it's called "KASHBEY" - my dad is swedish and my surname has always been pronounced wrong (KARSBERG) -"oh the larger boy!" is pronounced "kash-bay" in swedish so was a nod to that really, frenetics and what not and use of the dots to accent the 'e'...
  17. Yah, for me nav on the right is fine in this case, especially as it doesn't scroll... if it scrolled this would be an issue... simple enough site so you're hardly going to get lost or have issues navigating... bit different ;)
  18. Cheers mate... yeah cards look good in performance... kind of Wyn inspired, love simple and clean ;)
  19. ... don't think so ... I'm not a big enough name to want these!!!!!!!! Plus they frikin expensive to get printed... so not a cost effective purchase for anyone else really... can't warrant a big run from USPCC!! A guy in germany printed them for me - - was the only guy I could find to do very short runs at a semi reasonable price... quality is ok but longevity not great. Think he buys blank cards and uses a special laser printer, one way to get over the massive litho runs... I've designed some other cards for other companies before, so who knows I may start a shop one day but it's a big initial monetary commitment for a niche market.

  20. This is Off-Topic BUT still can't get over that card design!!!

    Its AWESOME!


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