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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by kingarthurlove, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. i don't like close up but that wasn't bad ;)
  2. It was good.

    Although I think the first half with all the changes, I think would work better with patter.

    As for the assembly, I like it, but I would not count off each set of three and then put them back on the packet just to take them off again.

    Also, you need to change the order you lay down the other three with the black one in the middle (I advise having the spade be the leader rather than the club, but either way the other three should be aranged red, black, red as they will reapear in the leader packet red black red that way. The way you did it, the ace of spades vanished, but a red ace appeared, and then a red ace vanished and the spade appeared, etc.

    One last thing, for the last ace, see Darins 'No contact' rule. Considering the way you steal the other aces, I don't see why you aren't using something similar for the last one, or something more along the lines of just a straight palm.

    Mind you, given the condition you could fake it with an Elmsly, and then add the last ace after just incase they wanna see it.
  3. Nice deck production to start it off... There were some nice card transformations in there, but the video was a little on the long side, for me. Not a big rap fan, but you can't please everyone...

    Good job.

  4. im familiar with all the moves, but i loved you presentation :) sometimes almost tooo fast, but you assembly presentation was awesome :)

    thumbs up!

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