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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by MickaelD, Mar 19, 2020.

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  1. So i posted my review directly on T11 page and it was not published since i didn't give a good one. Thought I'd post it here since it's a review section and you guys should get the truth...

    2/5 Stars

    I just bought mine and saw the tutorial video while i await product and I'm disappointed because it confirms my initial thoughts.

    I bought it because the trailer sells it as a 100% clear hit where everything is off hand and spectator can shuffle and do what he wants. Also because I said to myself I've got something similar at 10$ at home but this certainly can't be the same, at 35$ it MUST use a different gimmick/mecanics that is new and ingenious and I'm curious to what this is... Wrong!

    Let me guarantee you this is not a 100% sure fire. Maybe 90-95%. Max major himself gives the tutorial and he cuts the deck a bunch of times in his video yet there is one time he cuts, looks at card dosent show it and has big eyes (oops) then places the deck back down , squares it up and re cuts and then shows it. It proves its its not a sure fire.

    Also he boasts how his deck is different from similar decks because the (undisclosed mecanics so i dont give away secret) has been improved and then attempts to show you how hard it is to have the trick mess up but later in his video he voluntary "messes it up" without trouble (those who have seen the video will understand.

    Basically im im unimpressed because i already own something 99% similar that requires a small tweek in performance to produce the exact same effect. And that gimmick wich i have cost me 10$. So the trick being sold should cost no less. Add Max's tutorial and routine ideas that could be sold for no more than 5$ or included in a complete book of tricks and routines at a value of 15-20$.. the 35$ it's being sold for is not worth it..unless you have no idea what it is or how it works and are looking for something neat to add to your collection.

    Yes the trick is cool , but overall just really not worth its price.

    I hate that gimmicks are always sold on lies to us. They use trailer videos that often seem staged, edited and put to the best possible scenario , and when we get it we realise it's rubbish.

    We're here on a magic selling site, we are all magicians and not idiots. Shouldn't trick sellers actually reveal exactly what we're getting and how it works so we can make a decision if we want it or not and if we feel comfortable using such a trick/gimmick?

    Had known what it was exactly i would have not bought it i would have said hey, i got the same thing at home already. (And it cost me 10$!!)

    2/5 stars
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  2. Hey Mikael, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, and we respect it absolutely. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, reach out to our support team and we'll happily return it. We stand behind our work fully and absolutely.

    With regard to your message here - just to clear a few things up:

    We publish reviews without consideration of negative or positive sentiment. There are ample reviews published of every product on this site, and our policies on publication are posted clearly. What we do enforce, however, is accurate information described in the review, and your review contained information that was confusing (or inaccurate) as to what this effect is and how it works.

    After receiving that review, our team reached to you via email on March 18th at 10pm ET, to explain exactly why the post wasn't published, as well as clarifying some things (and tips!) on the effect itself. If you didn't receive that message, be sure to check your spam folder, or message our team here and we'll be happy to help!

    But in short summary - Omega is absolutely something that would be impossible to achieve with whatever deck you have at home already, and if you have a magical deck at home for $10 that does so - I'll gladly (!) buy a mountain of those immediately! But simply put - there are MANY special and very unique properties of this deck that enable it to be performed and handled the way it is - so fairly and unbelievably accurate.

    Regarding accuracy - Omega is nearly bulletproof. Dan White performs with Omega every night in his headline show in New York for paying audiences in the toughest, smartest crowds on earth - and it's never once missed. Likewise, it's the choice of magic's top pros - from Oz Pearlman to Calen Morelli to Robert Smith and more.

    Regardless, I sincerely encourage you to give this another fresh look, learn it well, and use it wisely - and it will be a fantastic asset in your arsenal of powerful props.
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