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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magicman123-2, Dec 30, 2008.

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  2. Nice collection, I like this idea. I might put up a picture of my collection later.
  3. cool collection you got alot there
  4. Yeah, you should, that would be cool!
  5. Although I envy your collection (truly i do), why buy so many decks and then keep them in their original factory seal? Alot of my friends do this but I believe decks are supposed to be used. So, why buy so many? I'm not trying to be critical, just an honest question.


  6. I appreciate your question. I have many normal bicycle decks because I use 2-3every couple days. I have alot of other decks that are sealed ( guardians, Shadow masters ect.) because it is easier and cheaper to buy more than one deck at a time. Lastly, I have A sealed brick of white centurions simply because of their rareity and to preserve their value.
  7. Holy crap, that's a lot of decks. My collection consists of about 20... and most are crappy...

    Feel like giving me one of your white cents? (We can make a deal...)
  8. Only 4 images per post...



  9. Nice collection:D
  10. I agree with Evolution here. I have a lot of unopened Guardians, Vipers, etc. just sitting around, because fo the longest time, I would buy them and then put them away, almost afraid to use them becuase I didn't want to wear them out and all that jazz. A few months ago I came to the realization that they're cardboard with a smooth finish- nothing more, nothing less. And their purpose- to be used. So I no longer have that "fear" of using custom cards, and my cards are finally getting used. I didn't watch your video, because to be rude but honest, I don't care what cards you have, but I just had the urge to post my thoughts on the subject of "deck collecting".
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    I'm about to upload some pics of the rest.


    My Master's deck is in loved condition.
  12. Approx. how many do you have?
  13. i have close to 700 normal decks and 34 special decks..(invisible, svengali, ect)
  14. Adjones,

    In addition to that statement in which we agree on, I think that the better magician is the one who practices hours upon hours perfecting his sleights and flourishes using 1 single deck of blue bicycles is miles better than someone who has 1 million decks of cards. Does anyone else agree? Beyond my exaggeration of course :)

    Dom Dillon
  15. I haven't gotten a response... :p
  16. I don't find that true, just beacuase someone else has alot of cards doesn't mean they don't perfect their slieghts with a single deck. I for one have alot of cards beacuase I started collecting, however when ever it's practice time, my Masters deck does the job. Personal likes don't decide whom is better then whom, wouldn't you agree?
  17. That's a nice collection you have there.

    - EyeOfDeception
  18. I agree with Dom. Much better spend money on other essentials instead of a bazillion decks.

    I mean, think of how many trees you're abusing?

    But seriously, i'm with Dom Dillan.


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