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  1. This was my first time i really performed for a crowd

    it was in physics class we had a double and our teacher didn't show up. We were watchin some movie a guy put on so it was pretty dark my friend had his cards out and was doin sum XCM (he doesn't do any magic) i got out my guardians and was showing them to him.

    Some other friends pulled some chairs up and asked me to show them a trick i used the double backer and made a trick where they fuse. teh Bell went for recess.

    After recess about ten people were around me i performed
    - two card monte i stuffed the top change up but he was still surprised by the other card changing.
    - biddle trick
    - my creation with 4 cards chosen
    - subway
    - some card flourishes
    - fours of a kind (royal road) blew them away
    then i ran out of tricks they were asking for more but i just couldn't remeber any!! luckily the bell rang. I asked my friend want he though the best trick was he told me the fours of a kind i was surprised as of all the effects i found it my least favourite

    It just goes to show learn tricks even if you don't like the effect as the spec might love it
  2. Congratulations on your performance - sounds like it went better than some of my first attempts!

    I have often been surprised at how well effects that I don't particularly care for go down with a lay audience. Of course, over time you will grow to appreciate the effect because of the impact it has on your audience, as you will be performing for them rather than entertaining yourself.

    My advice to you now would be to put together a small solid routine - experiment with giving it an overarching theme to tie seperate effects together. Don't do anything too difficult (I wouldn't even try the 2CM effect until you are very comfortable misdirecting a crowd, and you can practise that in much safer effects) and most importantly, don't blow your whole repertoire in one go...leave them wanting more. Try out some more of those effects you don't really like that much and see what happens!

    Most importantly, try and figure out what it was about the "fours of a kind" trick that your audience enjoyed and look for that same quality in the other effects that you practise and put together.

    John Archer says that the difference between an amateur and a professional is that a professional has a very small, highly polished repertoire of effects that get seen by many different audiences, whereas an amateur is always learning new effects because their audience doesn't change much or often. Also, school kids are amongst the world's toughest spectators, they are very make sure that you are highly practised in anything that you show.

  3. thx alot i will take your advice

    i think in the 'fours of a kind' the magician has a spec take a card and it is then placed on a table. He then tells the deck will tell him of the card chosen the top will tell him the suit. (turn over top card and palce face down next to selection) the bottom card will give us the value (take bottom card palce next to the other 2) and a final card for luck the magician takes a card out by random. The magican then tells to spec to confirm his card is tht told. the spec tells him hes wrong. The magician exclaims he will performa different effect he waves his hands over the cards and they are revealed to be a four of a kind.
  4. great job man, and congrats on the great performance. It's tough performing in school and there's alot of pressure on you, great to see that it worked out well for you :)
  5. The only advice i can give on this would be kind of like what Shodan said, build a small routine. I have been doing magic at my school for 4 years, And after the first year i had realized that i had shown to many tricks, I had none left... But i learnt more and showd them...(not a good idea) Some good advice for you would be to pick one day a month, and only show a few tricks on that day. And dont make it a habbit to use gimmicks, because your fellow students will definatly want to see that trick again when ur not ready... Pretty much keep up the good work, and keep it clean :) haha hope this helped.
  6. thx alot guys i just got DD so i might try tht out
  7. Wow! Nice work dude! Keep it up. Don't speed through the magic. Let it absorb. I made the mistake of trying to get all my tricks out there and it was over really quickly and now I have to learn some new material.
  8. They will be blown away by digital dissolve :)
  9. as has been said before (Cerca Trova even) some of the "simple" tricks will blow away a lay audience-- witness Blaine. it's all in the presentation and the expectations of the audience.

    It also bears repeating: leave them wanting more.

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