my sealed sentinels box is yellowing

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by booyahshaka91, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. ok i have a few sealed sentinels decks out of six one of them is a yellowish off white color. Where the white is on the box front, back, and sides, it has the yellowish color. Was it printed that way or what. I should try to post pictures for yal to see.
  2. Those are rare and special Sentinels; only 1 out of every 5,000 printed. You're the lucky one, hold onto them, they're worth at least a $100 on ebay right now.
  3. i was actually looking for a real answer but thanks for not helping me at all
  4. Why do you insist on being such an ass? You're starting to be like the Elite Prestige kid who is now banned.

    To the OP:

    Was it like this straight out of the packaging? If so.. it's probably a small problem from T11. You should just submit a ticket to the support team, they're pretty awesome and will most likely set you up with a new deck!

  5. maybe direct sunlight or temperature???

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