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  1. I apologize if this post is a bit cryptic, but given the nature of item it is about, it must be.

    I purchased one of the Mystery Deck Lockboxes a number of years ago. I remember being intrigued by the idea, and as a fan of JJ Abrams, was excited when I had the opportunity to buy them. When I received the box, I was quickly able to deduce how to open it, and did so. Seeing the decks sealed in their '?' wrappers only made me want to know what was inside. I know it goes against the whole "mystery box" premise, but there were 12 of them in there, each being its own mystery, so opening one surely wouldn't sully the experience. I remember peeling open the wrapper as carefully as possible. Unfortunately, I did end up tearing a small piece off one of the corners. I stopped for a moment after breaking the seal on case. This was the point of no return.

    Of course, there was really no mystery to be had. Inside was a deck of cards, as advertised. I remember fanning them out, feeling them glide through my hands, studying the face cards and their backs. I remember being thrilled at their design and pleased with their quality. So I put them back in their case, re-wrapped the '?' paper around them, placed it back in the box, closed it, replaced the lock, and put the whole thing up on a shelf to be displayed. That was that.

    Fast forward a few years, and for some reason I got to thinking about that Mystery Box again. It was still there, on the same shelf I put it on years ago. So I took it down and opened it again. I pulled out the same deck I opened years ago. I undid the wrapper again. Interestingly, the adhesive holding it together had resealed itself, as if it had never been opened before. I know it was the same one as it was still missing the corer that I had torn off so many years ago. To my surprise, the seal on the case was also unbroken...perhaps I misremembered breaking the seal originally and simply peeled it back. Surely a broken seal is not able to mend itself. I broke the seal (again?) and pulled the cards out. They were just as I remembered. I played around with them for a little and decided to put them back in there case.

    That's when I saw it. After all these years of being on a shelf not more than 5 feet away from me was something that I never knew was there.

    Needless to say, I immediately began to explore this newfound discovery.

    But alas, I seem to have reached a dead end on what appears to be the last step in a rather interesting journey.

    I am curious if anyone here was able to reach the conclusion. If so, a message of support, and perhaps a clue on how to proceed would be appreciated. Mind you, I am not asking for the solution outright.
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  2. It's funny how things work out.

    After my initial post, I decided to look at things from a different perspective.

    Seems like that did the trick.
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  3. Any hints on where to start looking for this mystery?
    I tried a lot but got no success..
    I have the mystery box
  4. Posting here for everyone who keeps coming back - NO SPOILERS! Please, please, please do not talk about specifics here (or anywhere!). The mysteries of the Mystery Box are the entire point of the project, and the instant you spoil one of them for another person they will never be able to see the project the same way again. Let people search things out on their own. Maybe it will take years (like @D4rkW1ng), or maybe it will happen in a few minutes - doesn't matter. Very, very few people know and understand all the mysteries inside, so lets not ruin it for anyone else.


    // L
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  5. Wasn’t trying to provide spoilers...just encouragement to keep searching.
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  6. Just wanted to know if this is still a working 'project'. I seem to be coming upon errors and would like to get confirmation. Without spoiling anything i'm more than happy to take my questions to someone directly within Theory11. Please direct me to a contact. Thank you
  7. If you have any troubles with Theory11 products, the best thing to do is submit a support ticket.
  8. I hope I'm not breaking the rules, but I'd say it's still a "working project." I've lost half my weekend to it.

    Admins, smack me if I'm out of line.
  9. I just found out about this mystery and I think it would be beyond awesome to explore it. Unfortunately, I know I'm a bit late to the party and it appears to be discontinued. Anyone know if there will be another run of the box? Or, more accurately, is there anywhere on this divine forsaken planet where I can actually get the Mystery Box? (maybe that was too much...)
  10. You don't need the lockbox to complete the mystery
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  11. Not discontinued - the original Mystery Box deck will be back in stock soon!

    // L
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  12. Is the black edition totally gone?
  13. Thanks Antonio & Lyle. Guess I'll just have to wait my turn...ho-hum.
  14. We do not have any reprint plans for the Black Edition Mystery Box decks at the moment. Not saying they won't ever come back, but it will be a while if we do reprint them.

    // L
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  15. Gotcha. Thank you!
  16. Sadly, I missed out on the lockbox since I've just recently started collecting decks of cards (I do have two JJ Abrams mystery decks in my collection now).

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