Nail Clippers by Dan and Dave?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by starthelegend, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. hahaha , i have no idea .
  2. It would be like asking why do they carry powerballs and hand excerises
  3. The nail clipper is a little weird, but the powerballs are important to exercise your hands so the are strong, because you need strong fingers to do some flourishes.
  4. And you know someone will buy it.Lol
  5. As it's been said above, the powerball is to strengthen your hands. The finger exerciser is to keep your fingers strong and nimble. I guess the nail clipper... clips nails? haha $70 is a bit much for that one.
  6. The clippers are precision instruments designed to brilliantly clip nails. This seems a little strange, but our hands are the tools with which we sculpt perfection. What if Michelangelo had used a dull chisel? We need to keep our hands in pristine condition, if we are going to use them to showcase our talents and dedication. Roberto Giobbi makes an excellent point about superbly groomed hands. I cannot stress enough that if people are going to be looking at our hands, they should be impressed by what they see, regardless of skill. It is an example of professionalism that should not be overlooked.
    Sorry for he rambling.
  7. lol wtf?

  8. While I agree with looking professional, I don't know why you would need a $70 nail clipper to achieve this.
  9. Well the nail clipper is for having your finger clean and neat....but guess what, they r selling t shirts too :))
  10. If you want them looking that good, then just go get a manicure.
  11. I understand the whole power ball thing and finger exercises that makes sense for a cardistry website, but 70$ nail clippers really? I just don't see the pint of them lol.
  12. That is actually the funniest thing I have read this morning...ha ha. A decent set of nail clippers only runs around $20. Or you could get two manicures for $70. Who knows...maybe they are limited edition and they will laser your name on them.

    All kidding aside, yes, it is important to have clean, well groomed hands and fingernails.
  13. In reply to the thread title, the "khlip" isn't by Dan and Dave. It's just a fancy, geeky gadget for people that can afford those sort of things.
  14. oh yeah i totally agree, but 70$ for clippers? Really? I just cracked up up when i saw them.
  15. Wow......just
  16. I was wondering why no one questioned them before, they started selling these several months ago.
  17. Wow.

    I paid about $7 after tax for a good set of scissor-style nail clippers and a metal nail file. They have served me well for over a year.

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