Name of move?

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  1. Can someone tell me the name of this flourish. I'll try to describe it. You open up as you would a Moth Cut then cross your arms while holding the packets open like a book, then you flare out in a circular motion and close everything.
  2. wtf is a moth cut?! xD
  3. what he said
  4. Ok, forget the Moth cut that was performed on Justin Millers Army of 52. Basically its duel thumb cuts while extending the top half of the thumb cuts outward while crossing the hands. Then you flare outward in a circular motion then close. Its pretty basic. I understand if you guys don't know what I'm trying to explain but Ill try and find a video of it to post.
  5. ok i think i's actually just what you told... thumb cuts.. with some motion in it... not more... so i think if i get u right it's just a combo of some moves, in this case thumb cuts and flaring motions... so it's not a flourish buy it self

    tell me pls where is this cut on the army of 52 dvd?
  6. Or, it can be the Elevator cut by Eric Jones you can pick up here on Theory11 1on1 section.
  7. me again... so like i said in my first post.. it's just a combo of thumb cuts with flaring action.... it don't have a name^^

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