Name of these two mentalism tricks? Can't seem to find them!

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  1. Ok, I've seen these tricks here and there, and I can't really find people who are talking about it or looking for it, but they're constantly blowing my mind! Maybe I'm just using the wrong search terms, or maybe they're just too simple a presentation, but I seem to be one of the few who get wrecked by these, time and again! Are these very advanced?

    (NOTE: If it's pre-show, I'll be VERY disappointed!)

    Effect #1: A magician pulls out a card and holds it in the air with the back facing the audience. Then the magician asks someone to name ANY card. They name a card. The magician turns the card around to reveal that it's that card!

    Effect #2: A magician asks the spectator to think of a book they like, or a song that's special to them, or something else personal to them, and they name it, with no apparent fishing! I suspect this is more than likely to be pre-show, but how they manage to pick the right people is a mystery to me!

  2. These are more like plots than specific effects. What I mean by that is based on your description alone, they sound like plots that have had several people contribute variations on how to go about achieving these plots.

    For effect #1, while I'm not sure what the specific one you are describing is but there are effects like Invisible Card and Inferno that can be done without setting up or pre-show work. I'm sure there are others closer to what you are describing, and some with a way different presentation such as Kolossal Killer, I just can't think of anymore off the top of my head. I'm sure if you look hard enough you will find something closer to what you are looking for.

    For effect #2, if it is done without having them handle any sort of object or fishing than I would suspect pre-show work as well. Although there are a lot of effects that can hone in a specific item like you are describing while it seems like the spectator wouldn't be giving anything away. Geraint Clarke used to have an effect on here to be able to divine any thought of song just using a cellphone but he has removed it.
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  3. I'd like to see that one live.
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  4. Effect one check psych by peter turner
    Effect 2.check out inject,(proteus by pheson billeck),imps,all the works of bob cassidy,banacheck,peter turner,luke jermay etc....
    As mention earlier this is more if a plot rather then a single effect so once u learn and have all different kind of tools u can get the desired effect(ps also check the lost prodegy by atlas brookings)
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  5. Thanks for this question!
    I had seen an effect where someone was asked to think of an actor, JUST writing down, nothing. And the magician just said the name of that actor (who btw was Jhonny Depp), just like that! And I don't think anything was prearranged there because I would not believe that particular magician WOULD do pre-show work. Anyways, if any principle achieves this, I would love to learn it!
    And also the effect Timon Krause did!
    What is the name of the effect? And which book contains it?

    PS:- I don't mean to spam your thread mate...but I figured if anyone answers me, it will prolly help you too.
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  6. I can think of a couple ways to do the first one, but wouldn't want to say it as it would reveal it too much. PM me if you want more info.

    I suspect that for both, you truly watched the performance and did not try and "outsmart" the magician, which is a VERY good thing. It means you've been watching magic correctly. There was probably a lot more that happened in the performance, and you only remember the part that you remember.
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  7. Adrian Vega has a multiple out card that allows him to do this. I went to see one of his lecture but he also teaches it in his penguin live. Gimmick is not well-explained, but I'm sure you'll be able to get the jist.
    - A tip: he also uses this to get a crazy prediction using the 10 principle with 4 outs (DaOrtiz has a book/video on this). Not saying the full trick but if you can figure it out it is fantastic! SUPER clean for large audiences. Hope that answers your question!!!! :)
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  8. For the second one, Max Maven teaches a trick called "Fearless" in his Penguin lecture where you (apparently) find any horror movie that a person is thinking of. The method is actually hilarious. Not one of my favorite book tests (check out Banachek), but the closest to what you're looking for.
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  9. For the second one, I think the op was looking for something that means something special to the spectator. The problem with book tests such as Fearless is it has a volunteer flip through a book and find a random word. It doesn't really hold any personal meaning to the spectator.
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  10. I can't think of anything that doesn't use writing stuff down on notecards and using one of those classic bag switching bags that are $5 on eBay
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  11. Oz Pearlman, doing it LIVE!!!!!
  12. No worries! I saw Kyle Eschen do the thing I was thinking about from a long time ago:

    In searching, I noticed a routine called "Q&A"? Maybe that has something to do with the above as well?

    Thanks everyone for all your responses! I'll be sure to look them all up when I find the time!
  13. ... Holy S***

    That was one of the best performances I have seen in a LONG long time (yeah, it's old, but it was amazing).
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  14. I know, right?! How do you even do that without pre-show? Was it pre-show?

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