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  1. Since I was a kid, I have always been amazed at a magic trick that involves producing a single card out of the 'air' repeatedly, often this is done until the stage is littered with cards. Additionally, most magicians also throw single cards into the audience to further display this magical ability to seemingly produce card after card!

    I have looked and looked for a place where I can learn/buy this trick...what is it called? Where can one find this trick?
  2. Card manipulation.

    Dan Sperry has a couple basics videos here on T11 (Or at least, he used to) - which cover the single card production as well as a bunch of other basics for manipulation.

    The go-to recommendation is Jeff McBride's video series.
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  3. Like this?

    It is referred to as a "production." Jeff McBride's Art of Card Manipulation DVDs are the best resource for learning this sort of stuff.
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  4. Thanks to all....I will take some time and review this....I love how well many magicians can do act unto itself...!
  5. All, I looked on T11 but they were 'out of stock'! So I did a search on Amazon and found both #1 and #2....they are in the mail....

    I will let you know after I have had time to review these DVD's....I am looking forward to going into this type of magic....

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