"Nameless Hero Card" Marketplace release

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Nicolas1412, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    My Name is Nicolas and I want to release my first trick that I have created. The trick title "Nameless Hero Card" was inspired by the nameless hero in the gothic series. I'm from Germany and my english is not perfect, but you can understand everything that you need to know and I think the trick is really good. It gets great reactions, you have many possibilities whith this trick
    and its easy.
    It will be published tomorrow and then you can see the trailer + deatails in the description.
    Feel free to ask anything about my trick if you have seen the trailer etc.

    Thanks :)
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  2. Looking forward to it! :)
  3. Great! Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to take a look!

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