Need alot of help with Faro shuffle!!!!!!!!!

Jun 15, 2024
I'm currently learning Cardistry, but I'm struggling with the faro shuffle. Although I've been dabbling in it for years, I recently committed to practicing it for an hour every day over the past two weeks. I initially thought it would take just a couple of days to, especially since five friends I showed it to picked it up effortlessly. However, I can't even get the cards to start interlocking, and those who can do it have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I don't have a video yet, but I can get someone to record my attempts if needed. After working non-stop for about four hours today, I'm still not making any progress. This is making me consider quitting Cardistry, even though I only started two months ago. If anyone has any tips or can make a video demonstrating techniques beyond what’s available on YouTube, I would greatly appreciate it!
Mar 15, 2024
I am new to Cardistry as well. A broken-in deck is easier than a new deck. The first week I practiced my Faro was really poor, with a low success rate. But, with more practice it got better and easier.


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Sep 13, 2008
So, a few tips -

Remember that the way cards are cut leaves them with a beveled edge. With modern cards I usually find it easiest to start with the deck face up.

So I just picked up a deck to break down how I do it.

Split the deck in half. My left hand holds one packet - pinky, ring, and middle finger on the outside, index finger at the top, thumb on the inside. Right hand holds the other packet - pinky at the back, ring and middle finger on the outside, index finger on top near the top edge, thumb on the inside.

I tap the ends of the packets together to square them up.

Brings the ends together with the right hand packet tilted slightly up (maybe 10 degrees), and slightly offset. Meaning the right hand packet's inner corner is roughly at the middle of the back of the left hand packet.

Push the inner corner of the right hand packet into the back edge of the left hand packet, then lower the right hand packet and slightly tilt up the inner edge of the left hand packet as the cards weave. Slide the packets until they are straightened up.
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