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  1. I am facing a problem from birth that I can't twist my hand, I have said this to the support but I need answers from you guys. If I can't do a magic trick as I am in a condition where I can't do it. Will the theory11 support team help me by giving me another trick for free as that would be saving money instead of not be able to do it and I can't do anything about it. My question to you is that if theory11 will allow me to do an exchange. Please tell me, thanks!
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  3. So is there no way of getting different tricks as 20 USD has been wasted please help me so that can get a different trick in exchange... I hope that the support team will accept my request, I used money to get the tricks, do not give free tricks and tell me what I can do to exchange for different tricks of the same cost
  4. Oh, but my question is that is it possible to actually do that, That’s why I wanted to know
  5. The only way you can find out is by contacting support.
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  6. I agree you need to contact support. Different circumstances require different solutions.
  7. Honestly, knowing your "medical issue" better than theory11 would, the onus was on you as the customer to know what you are buying.
    I suffer from debilitating depression and anxiety. I purchased TnR Transpo 2 years ago or so. I haven't been able to perform it for anyone. It's not Theory11's responsibility to ensure I can perform their effect. The product was delivered exactly as advertised.
    Again, this is a You issue, not a Theory11 issue.

    Just my opinion.

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