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  1. Hey all,

    Pretty much title. While flourishing when there is a small pivot point, (think Molecule on the middle finger tip, or Sybil) the cards tend to either spread, or one or two will fall off. This is most prominent with new cards obviously. How do you keep them in a square packet for the entire flourish? I see all these amazing artists flourishing and the cards look like a single block, it's incredible.

    What can I be doing better to solve my problem?
    Thank you
  2. When Practicing, put rubber bands around the packets to keep them square. Then eventually take them off, and just keep practicing.
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  3. That's actually pretty smart haha. Once I start practicing that stuff I'm definitely gonna do that. It will save a lot of pick up time and at least you can get the flow of it quicker.
  4. I did that and maybe it helped...maybe didn't.
    cool idea nevertheless, but is you go on to the higher cardistry, pretty much worthless.
  5. Do not use a new deck.
    Believe me and keep a slightly used cool looking broken in deck for your higher level cardistry stuff. Somethings just cannot be done with brand new decks.
    Like you just cannot thumb fan a SERIOUS poop deck.
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  6. Not really. If you start doing packet twirls and series, it will be really helpful. You will end up practicing for extra hours because your not picking up cards. And he was acting specifically for packet flourishes.

    Infact, a lot of advanced flourishes are packet flourishes. So I have to disagree with you here.
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  7. it is fine bruh! :)
    different people different views right?
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  8. If you can afford them, try cardistry trainers. they don't work for everybody but they dffinitly are worth it if they do for you. Keep in mind that having your decks in prestine condition is useless if you want to use them. Break them it, get them dirtly (not directly, over time and use of corse), and Don't wreck them; you should find your balence point. This is something everyone encounters when starting out and it, at one point or another, will get further taken care of. When practicing your chest is always there to help, you arent limited to just your hands (Untill you are done learing)
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  9. Ok, I was using new decks and that could be the cause of my problem haha. I'll try my more broken in decks. Thank you!
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  10. I use and prefer cardistry trainers, the Clear for custom decks. It is great but kind of the same price as a deck of cards. It is 8 packets and clear, which I prefer more. you can do many things with it without worrying to pick up huge chunks of cards on the floor. Tying up cards hurts your cards after a long time so I don't recommend or do it. Using half a pack makes it easier to do, and once you mastered using half a pack, you need to learn how to use a full deck again. But, trainers also have its own disadvantage, it sticks together so when you use a pack of normal playing cards, you will have to use a different pressure to keep the cards in place again.

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