Need help on Daniel Madison's CAMEO

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by enieves, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. I bought DM's inside special edition recently and I started reading ONE. If anyone owns the book or at least this set of lecture notes, I need help on the last part of the sandwich effect, CAMEo. Please lemme know if you can help. We can talk about the effect thru pm's. Cuz i dont wanna reveal anything...

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I can help you out, just send me a PM. Even though I haven't read it, I'm sure I could help.

    Just make sure you know if someone has it before asking for advice.

  3. I dont wanna come off disrespectful, but if you don't know what the effect is, it's gonna be tough for u to help. Then I'd have to explain the effect and try to walk u through wut aspect im having trouble with...
  4. Just so you know, your two posts contradict each other.

  5. Which two posts? The first part where I could be anyone trying to help, or the second one where I tell the truth?
  6. You say in your first sentence you haven't read it, then in the second you say to make sure to find someone who has.


  7. That's not the problem bro. If you intend to walk someone through a trick make sure they own it in the first place. You could even say page 10 word 4 and then you'll know if they own the material.
  8. Right, what if I left out the 2nd sentence? He would have been sending me PMs. There are people that phish for info, I've seen it first hand and I hate it.
  9. Oh, ok. thanx for the heads up i guess...
  10. My pleasure. Now can you send me over the thing? You know I'm only kidding.

  11. so u do have ONE, or not? Sorry, kinda thru me off...
  12. No, seriously my ambition was focused towards making sure it's legitimate before taking advice.

    Take care.
  13. Oh, thanx. But the other guy is helpin me out, and im sure he owns the material...
  14. Good deal. Take care bro.
  15. You either have a very dry sense of humor or you are a hypocrite and a douche, all-in-one.

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