Need help with my second deck of cards.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ultraape, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Well none of you probably know me, But I created a deck of cards called steampunk playing cards ( not theory11s or lance millers ) I have launched my second deck of playing cards on kickstarter. I mainly want to know how to improve my deck to make it more appealing to potential backers.
    Here is the link to the project.
    Here is the art.
  2. I like the yellow and black back design, but the grey and black back needs some work in my opinion. I would lighten the background pattern to provide some more contrast and make the cards less "busy". I don't know about the court cards, they might benefit from more contrast as well, but I like your spot cards a lot.
  3. I like the idea but the silhouette of the ape looks sorta weird to me. Maybe have him using a pipe? also the gray/black diagonal lines are pretty boring.
  4. That monkey with he box would be a cool joker
  5. He is the joker lol.

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