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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by bartnova, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Hi guys,

    I've been practising the top card cover pass for a couple of days now, I know that is nothing. However after repeatedly watching Jason England's 1 on 1 for the top card cover pass, I still don't understand what he means by the 3rd method. Can you people please help me improve it? I don't want to be continuously practising something that I'm doing wrong.

    Video -

    Don't mind the youtube channel, I just made a random one just to upload this.

    This was recorded with a phone so the angles and the quality isn't very good.
  2. It looks good to me.
    Just try to do this at an other angle, and practise of course

    - Lucas
  3. bartnova,

    You aren't allowed to ask questions until you've struggled for months, not hours. Soldier on for a couple of months and then if you still have questions you can PM me directly. I'll help you however I can.

  4. Okay thanks! I'll try change things around and find something that works well for me. Time to practice!
  5. Thank you for putting some emphasis on effort! That is something that is incredibly lacking today. We are generally a lazy bunch of people who want maximum impact with minimum effort. While this isn't all bad, it does limit us to doing the "easy stuff."
  6. YRAMagicMan,

    You make a good point, but just to clarify, I didn't refuse to answer his questions because I think he should struggle for the sake of struggling. I refused to answer his questions because I'd be wasting my time (and his too) by answering questions that will probably evaporate over the coming weeks and months as he continues to practice.

    A few months from now, there's an excellent chance that the questions he has today will have completely resolved themselves through practice and he'll have a whole new set of questions to ask. If I can help him at that time, then I'll do my best.

    I believe in hard work, but if I could have solved his problems with a quick PM or two I'd have done so. I don't believe in having people struggle unnecessarily just for the sake of putting forth some effort.

  7. JasonEngland,

    I can see what you mean. When I've worked on more difficult moves it usually takes a while before I understand it, and once I do, any trouble I was having slowly vanishes. I'm glad you are willing to help those of us who need it, once we've shown that we really need it.

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