Need Input on Design!

Dec 4, 2007
hey guys was wondering if you can let me know Wat you think of this playing card back design Ive created. its still in the works but this is a prototype version i submitted to theory 11. here is the link, feel free to post comments.thanks:

I think your best bet to have it published by them would have been to not post it publicly ;)

Very nice design though!

Oct 11, 2008
I like how it seems simple, no weird colors or an attempt to look to contemperary, if that makes sense. However, it might be a little bit too overwhelming with everything that's on it.
I think it looks amazing. There's a lot of detail, but it'd probably take the four X's out. And (I'm not sure how to put this) but at the very top and bottom, like resting on the edge of the border of the card (not to the left and right of the stars) you have these like, little straight designs that I would probably remove. I think it might give it a little more of a rounded feeling. It'll feel a little more natural IMO.
Aug 16, 2008
Great. At your place, I would erase the four X that are not in the center, remplace the X in the center for a simple dot. I also don't like the colour. Black would be nice.

Your design is really cool. I like it a lot. Just a question: Are you from Quebec?
Nov 29, 2008
I admire you artwork skills and i think this a beautiful design, but idk if theory 11 will take it though. I am not saying your design is not good, it is elegant but idk if it is marketable in a sense. Sadly many ideas are good magically and visually, but not economically. I think some decks have been very successful because of the theme they had. First there were bicycles, the basic bar none. Then there were the color variations and expansions liek the Ghost Deck and Black Tiger. Then, especially on t11, there came new deck ideas. There was the new expanded take on the angels on the cards which became the Guardians. There are decks from the prestigious casinos, Wynns and others. The Centurions came in, the deck of the warrior, nobody had done that. Smoke+Mirrors and Split Spades were made, homages to great magicians, unique designs. Then Propaganda was unveiled, the military grade deck. These are all attractive designs, but hold a new significance in themselves. I reiterate that i am not down playing your design at all, but i am simply saying that, in my humble opinion, a new design is needed, something that no one has ever done before.

But that's just my tw....three cents.
May 4, 2008
it might be a little too clustered. But its a great start.
I wonder what color border your gonna put on it. It might look cool with a black border, but idk.
Anyways, it looks great. keep it up man.
May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
Not a big fan.
Dunno if its just me but the color isnt that nice.
Its too complicated and overwhelming. I would take out the Roman numerals as well as the things from the Aladdin deck.
I rather like simplistic deck. The karnivals is in exception. Go check them out, you'll know what I mean.
just wanna say first off im not from Quebec. and thank for all the thoughts of what ive sketched out so far. i seen some people say they dont like the color. well since its just a sketch its only gonna be black and white for now. i will remove the x's and the weird straight lines on each side of the star. what do you guys think of the angle's? i do have other back design some way different than others i just havent posted them yet. i'm developing a whole series of new creations that will maybe come as a new breakthrough to theory 11.
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