Need More online magic shop?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chaijudin, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. OK :

    1. Ellusionist
    2. Penguinmagic
    3. Theory 11

    and then?, I need instant download trick

    Thank You
  2. My suggestiong would be an actual Brick and Morter store.

    And why do you "need" instant download tricks?
  3. Hey man, first of all, welcome to the forums.
    Second of all... no.... you don't need more online download websites, we already have too many.
    But... if you have to... check out Mindlapse or PaperCrane ;)
  4. Haha, actually redirects to dananddave? who honestly would type in danordave?
    Hmmm, I'm not really in the mood for both dan and dave, I think I'll just have one today, but I'm indifferent as to which one. Oh well, let's try, let them choose for me :D
  5. I know :)

    I accidentally typed that in one time, i think it was because i heard the centence in theyr 2 podcast and it worked :)

    I now use it all the time.

    PS: Tumbleweed, i suggest you change your text to a lighter red, i cant read a thing what you written without hurting my eyes.

  6. But.... but... didn't you see my big announcement????
    Hmmm... I will consider, as I was thinking the same thing yesterday.

    How about grey? :p
    Or whatever this is??
  7. why do you "need" instant download tricks
    ( to avoid shipping fee man), global crisis don,t waste to much money

    Thanks for reply
  8. they have free shipping as long as you're ordering $15 or more (provided you're in the US or Canada). It's pretty much the only place I order from for my magic supplies.. shipping fees are pretty radical these days.. 5 bucks for a deck of cards.. lol

    Yeah this "global crisis" is starting to get pretty bad. I'm kind of worried to be honest for the next few years.. we're going from bad to worse everyday.

    I'm not sure if there are instant downloads, but I've heard its a good site, and they have a lot of stuff.
  10. The grey one ise muchmuch better, although i dig this color, but as i see you want to have something else, this would be the choise id make.
  11. How about magicpenguin?

    and i'm not sure if they have instand downloads but murphys?
  12. Murphy's are just a wholesaler - They don't sell to the public. They only deal in hard goods from what I'm aware :S


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